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The intent of this page is NOT to turn you into a Copyright or Trademark lawyer. It is to state my claim to my information, give credit for other peoples information, and state my limitation of (all) liability. The other purpose of this page is to keep all the legal bullfeces in one spot and not clutter up the good stuff.

My website is a comprehensive collection of material. Material contained in here may be reproduced for PERSONAL USE ONLY. No material may be redistributed in electronic or printed form without the written permission of MadMike. I believe to the best of my knowledge this information to be correct, however no warranty is made as to its accuracy. Author also disclaims any liability for financial loss, property damage or injury in connection with use of this information. Not affiliated with, endorsed or compensated by Chevrolet, or any sanctioning body mentioned within. Any trademarked names are property of their respective trademark holder and are used for identification purposes only. Portions of this website may be copyrighted by other individuals or organizations.

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I reserve ALL my rights under the law.

I own the look and presentation of this data & information. My website is a comprehensive collection of material. Portions of this website may be copyrighted by other organizations. Where feasible, I tried to contact the author or owner personally to obtain permission (written or otherwise). I have tried to credit any sources of copyrighted material where applicable. If I missed anyone, my use of other peoples information is done under the "fair use" doctrine. This includes the use of images as well as text.

For a definition of what "fair use" means, see Fair Use of Copyrighted Works by CETUS. For copyright information in general, see: "Copyright & Fair Use" at the Stanford University Library.

My Main Camaro Reference Sources:

I state this simply because I own MANY if not ALL of the books on the Camaro.One book which is really nice, is no more than the information FREELY Available from the Chevrolet Restoration Packs with some photos added to it.

Credits, Thank You, Acknowledgments, etc...

By agreement, I and Wes Stegmiller cooperate in posting information. In some instances I directly link to a photo or page on his site from mine. (for example, the special Camaros). I don't want to reinvent the wheel or rewrite something that I really don't need to focus on. THE OBJECT HERE IS TO PRESENT INFORMATION to the viewer, regardless of where it's physically hosted, or who gets credit for writing it. This is a blanket "Thank You" to Wes. Many years ago, Wes decided to move on to other things and notified me he was removing his site known as "Stegmillers Second Generation Camaro". It was decided that we would preserve his site intact for historical purposes within It is still available, but it is not updated or altered.

90% of the black and white Camaro photos in my Camaro Information are copyright Chevrolet Motor Division. If Chevy has a problem with this, I hope they'll contact me, not only so I can officially correct this, but because I got some other things I'd like to chat about with someone who's up in the chain of command.

I'd like to thank Rich Fields & "The Camaro Owners Group" (CRG). Me and him work together and he's "DA MAN" for 1st gen stuff. I saw his FAQ and liked the layout of it. I asked him if I could copy the format not only so I can be as fancy as him, but so down the road if/when the 1st gen cars and 2nd gen car sites integrate, we can be presented in a seamless or tied in appearance. Rich gave me permission to snatch his layout. I'm hacking it and tailoring it to the 2nd gen Camaro (I'm doing this 9/30/98). However, some of his 1st gen stuff is relavent to the 2nd gen so
Portions, or sections of my faq should (and will, soon) say:
(some of) "This information has been extracted, verbatim, from the FAQ List of the Camaro Research Group (CRG). Permission to copy in any form is granted, provided this notice is included in all copies. ?1998 Camaro Research Group."

My Limitation of Liability

Your "Warranty".
I'm human. I can screw up. I have sometimes even been wrong. I believe to the best of my knowledge this information to be correct, however no warranty is made as to its accuracy.If I have made a mistake, let me know and I'll look into correcting it. Like they say, "Free advice is worth every cent". (As opposed to my parts stuff...that stuff IS warranteed).

For further limitations of liability - see below.

The "I was here first" statement
If you look closely, you will see the date of 1985 on the "MadMike" drawing.While not the only, or handsomest... I can lay claim to being the "original" MadMike. :^)

Along these lines, I found it is probably a good idea to start posting the CREATION DATE on my pages. If I create a document on 10/1/1997 and change the background of that page to pretty it up today - when you pull down the "PAGE INFO", for all you know, the page is brand new. Initially, this information (Codes, numbers, camaro & engine information) wasn't contained on the web (at least in this detail). A lot of my web ideas, and content was an offshoot of some other project I was trying to create - which began in 1996 (remember "AutoDiag" - downloaded 800+ times, net return, $0).

Now, I'm finding that this information, in various forms and flavors is popping up around the web. And that's cool. THE ONLY THING I CARE ABOUT IS I WILL NOT BE SUED BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE IS TRYING TO SELL THIS INFORMATION (in their format), AND I (and others) PROVIDE IT FOR FREE. And I have done so, since August 20, 1997. So, I will not be faulted for "ruining others business". It comes down to "value added" to basic, raw information that's in the public domain. If you can't add value, your product will not sell. And it's not my fault.

No website (that I know of) will replace a GOOD BOOK for sheer information (detailed photos), portability and reference. I am trying hard to make my site, be "the one" place for in depth, 2nd generation camaro information. From the basics - colors, options, down to the part numbers and details on the sway bars and spring rates off a 1973 Z28.

Back in 1992 I suggested & officially documented (short of a patent) that "racing statistics" be contained in CD format. I wanted to provide this, but I needed the help of some "big named entities". I was politely told "forget it". In 1995 - you could begin buying this for $19.95 a pop, from the people I wrote to back in 1992 (sanctioning body, major trade rag, bigtime TV network). I'm content to wheel and deal car parts, build race cars and talk Camaros.
I took that idea and tried to make a stand alone Camaro, automotive and hard core racing knowledge base, which didn't go anywhere. (AutoDiag)
That project was converted to HTML beginning in early 1997 and went "public" in August. Portions of that project are still being added to this site. However, the Camaro & Chevy information was the primary focus. I'll begin adding the automotive diagnostic stuff as I get time (ho ho).

Linking to my site.
Feel free to link to my site. If you do link to my site, please either link to the main page (index.html) or the Camaro & Chevy page (camaro.html). I don't have any banners or buttons at the moment. That would be cool, but I don't have time to create one, nor do I want to require someone else to post some bloated image I create.... so please simply use in your hyperlink:

"MadMike's Second Generation Camaro & Z28 Website"

If you link directly to "The 2nd Generation Camaro Owners Group" (2gcog.html), use that as the title of the hyperlink.
It would be nice to email me that you have done this, but it's not necessary. I will find out anyway from my page stats and who's being refered to my pages and from where.

IF YOU LINK DIRECTLY INTO A SUB-PAGE, or image, please email me and let me know. My reason for wanting to know is not so I can be nosey or get an inflated head, but so that if I make changes later on I won't screw up your place. An example of this is "thez28.html".... this page is dead. All the content was absorbed into other places, but I kept the page because I know other people linked to it. There is no place on my site that will hyperlink to that page, and I don't update that page.

- Regards,

Additional Disclaimers & Limitation of Liability
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Creation: 8/17/1998
Revision: 9/10/1998 - Added the "I was here first" disclaimer.
Revision: 9/30/1998 - Added some sections that tie in with FAQ and credited some people.
Revision: 10/1/2010 - All work copyright Mike Maciolek - dba & North Georgia Classic Camaro.