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  1. General Information
    1. Why do I keep hearing about an "F-body?"
    2. What is a 1970 1/2 Camaro? How's it differ from a 1970 Camaro?
    3. When were the second-generation Camaros built?
    4. Where were second-generation Camaros built?
    5. What models were available?
    6. What major option packages were available on the Camaro?
    7. How many 1970 SS (or Z28 or RS) Camaros were built? Are they Rare?
    8. How many Camaros were built with xx or yy options (or colors, etc)?
    9. How much would it cost to restore my Camaro?
    10. What are the best sources of information and data on my car?
    11. How can I find out about the past history of my car?
    12. What are the major differences among 2nd generation Camaros?
    13. What were some of the rare options available on the Camaro?
    14. What else was special about a second-generation Camaro Z-28?
    15. Where there any 2nd Generation Pace Car Camaros?
    16. What is a COPO Camaro?
    17. What is a Baldwin-Motion Performance Camaro?
    18. Which Camaros are worth the most?
    19. I want a 1970 Z28, where can I find one?
    20. Why did the Camaro Gain weight over the years?

    1. Model Identification and Numbers Decoding
      1. How does a dealer order a car, or how do I get what I want?
      2. What is an Exterior/Interior Override?
      3. This car is supposed to be a Z28 (or SS), how can I tell if it's real or fake?
      4. What is a "numbers matching" car?
      5. How can I decode my Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?
      6. How can I decode my cowl or trim tag (data trim plate)?
      7. Where can I find my Camaro engine "numbers?"
      8. My original engine is gone, but I got a Corvette engine now. Or do I?
      9. Where are the transmission numbers and what do they mean?
      10. Where are the rear axle code numbers and what do they mean?

    2. Engine/Induction/Exhaust
      1. What engines were available for the Camaro?
      2. What is a Bowtie, or heavy duty (nickle) block and do I have one?
      3. Why were the horsepower ratings on engines often under-rated?
      4. Do I have "Dual Exhaust" or do I have dual tail pipes?
      5. Is the 400 engine a small block or big block? (coming soon)
      6. How do I hook up my emission or vacuum lines?
      7. How do I install a big block in my car?
      8. How to install electric fans

    3. Transmission/Drivetrain/Rearend
      1. Determining rear axle ratio by counting gear teeth
      2. What is a Powerglide transmission?
      3. When was the THM350 transmission first offered?
      4. When was the THM400 transmission first offered?
      5. What were the stock transmission gear ratios for the Muncies?
      6. What is that whining noise coming from my Muncie M22?
      7. What are some transmission trivia?
      8. Can I install a T56 6 speed in my 2nd gen?

    4. Suspension/Tires/Brakes
      1. Did any Camaros get rear disc brakes? I want rear disc brakes on my car!
      2. How do I improve the braking ability of my car?
      3. Is the F41 High Performance Suspension different than the Z28 Suspension?
      4. What are the largest tires I can run on my 2nd gen?
      5. What type of wheels were offered for the Camaro?
      6. I hear older Z28 wheels are different than newer Z28 wheels?

    5. Exterior Related
      1. Will a 1980 hood fit a 1970 Camaro? (General Hood information)"
      2. Why was there a Camaro color called "Hugger Orange?"
      3. What is the correct decklid striping for a Z-28 with a spoiler?
      4. What is the correct badging for an SS (Z28, Type LT...) Camaro?
      5. What are the differences between the Rally Sport Nose & Standard Camaro?

    6. Interior Related
      1. I want to restore my interior - how do I do it?
      2. What is the difference between the standard vs. custom interior?
      3. What type of speedometers were used?
      4. My speedometer squeeks. How do I fix it?
      5. My speedometer reads wrong. How do I calibrate it?
      6. Why is my shifter on the steering column?
      7. Steering column information (tilt, etc...)
      8. What type of steering wheels were offered?
      9. What is the U14 Optional Guage Package?
      10. How to install U14 Special Instrumentation
      11. What type of Tachometers were offered, and what does a high red-line mean?
      12. Consoles: (i.e. Will a 1978 console fit into my 1971 Camaro?)
      13. What type of seats were offered in the Camaro?
      14. How to replace the heater core

    7. Performance Related
      1. How do I improve my gas milage? (coming soon)
      2. How can I improve the performance of my Camaro?
      3. My engine is a dog, how do I go faster for cheap?

    Second Generation Camaro Owners Group

    Second Generation Camaro Owners Group (2GCOG) is a loose knit group of guys and gals who share a common bond - ownership of (or interest in) the 1970 - 1981 (Second Generation) Camaro. Founded by Rod Stallings of Dallas Texas and MadMike (me) of Dawsonville Georgia it is currently internet based only. There are no fees or dues for joining. Then again, you get what you pay for - so, as time permits the newsletter, technical articles, featured cars and membership gets updated.

    The Second Generation Camaro Message Board - This message board is very active and contains a wealth of Second Generation Camaro information and discussion. Please feel free to participate or use it to get answers to your SECOND GENERATION CAMARO questions. It's not "moderated", but it is monitored by several people who pay attention to what's going on. Poor language or "bad netiquette" is not tolerated. There are several other boards which cater to (either on purpose, or accidentally) to 1st, 3rd and 4th generation Camaros, so discussion of those cars specifically is not typical on this message board.

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    Author: MadMike Maciolek

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