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1979 Camaro Production: 21,913 6-cyl, 260,658 V8, 282,571 total.
Dealer Introduction: 9/21/78

Vehicle Identification Example: 1Q87G9N500001

  • First digit is GM Division: 1 = Chevrolet
  • Second digit is model: Q = Sport Coupe, Rally Sport and Z28, S = Berlinetta
  • Digits 3 & 4 are body type: 87 = 2dr. coupe
  • Fifth digit is engine code: D = 250ci, G = 305ci, L = 350ci
  • Sixth digit is model year: 9 = 1979
  • Seventh digit is N for Norwood assembly, L for Van Nuys.
  • Last six digits increased one with each car built at each plant.
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    Length: 197.6"Height: 49.2"Width: 74.5"Wheelbase: 108.0"

    Curb Weight: (in pounds, see: 1979 Option weight table)
    1FQ87 (L6) - 3392
    1FS87 (L6) - 3458

    1979 Ending VIN by Month
    Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug
    Norwood: 503902 509129 522101 534205 544226 557997 570108 583947 595030 607586 620004 629925 652657
    Van Nuys:   515172 529004 542051 552732 566439 579576 593786 605841 620184 634254 647777  

    1979 Camaro Spotters Guide & New Features

    1979 looked to be a fantastic year but teetered on the dumper with the gas crisis and problems with a certain peanut farmer. Despite the uncertaintly the 1979 Camaro set a sales record with 282,582 Camaros produced, including a record 84,877 Z28's.

    Inside the car, the dashboard was redesigned, from the wrap around style used since 1970 to a square style dash. The A/C vents (if equipped) were now part of the instrument cluster bezel. Some neat electronic gizmos were added, including Cassette tapes & CB radios and the required antennas.

    The Z28 got a new 3 piece front spoiler that wrapped around the front of the car along with restyled graphics. The Type LT was dropped and replaced with the Berlinetta. Despite all the external problems, the 1979 Camaro featured....

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    Click here to browse the 1979 Dealer Sales Brochure
    Click here for Second Generation Camaro Spotters Guide & Summary of Yearly Changes

    1979 Camaro Engine & Drivetrain Info
    CIDConfig Bore & StrokeBHP @ RPMTorque @ rpm Comp Carb.
    L-22 250*L-63.875 x 3.5390 @ 3600*175 @ 1600*8.2:11V
    L-22250L-63.875 x 3.53115 @ 3800200 @ 16008.0:11V
    LG-3305*V-83.736 x 3.48125 @ 3200*235 @ 2000*8.4:12V
    LG-3305V-83.736 x 3.48130 @ 3200245 @ 20008.4:1 2V
    LM-1350*V-84.00 x 3.48165 @ 3800*260 @ 2400*8.2:14V
    LM-1350V-84.00 x 3.48170 @ 3800 270 @ 24008.2:1 4V
    Z-28350*V-84.00 x 3.48170 @ 4000*265 @ 2400*8.2:14V
    Z-28350V-84.00 x 3.48175 @ 4000 270 @ 24008.2:14V

    * denotes California and high-altitude ratings.

    Engine Suffix Code
    C8B: 305ci, at, uuDNH: 305ci, atDNF: 305ci, uu
    C8C: 350ci, at, uu DNK: 305ci, at, ceDRF: 350ci, mt
    DKA: 250ci, mtDRC: 350ci, mtDKD: 250ci, at, ce
    DRH: 350ci, atDRL: 350ci, at, ceDRW: 350ci
    DRX: 350ci, atDRY: 350ciDTM: 305ci, mt
    DTR: 305ciDKB: 250ci, atDRD: 350ci, uu

    Abbreviations:at = automatic transmission, ce = california emission controls, ci = cubic inch, mt = manual transmission, uu = uncertain usage.

    Engine Code Example: V0427DRL - (350ci - Assembled in Flint assembly plant on April 27)
    Click here for further engine decoding information

    1979 Camaro Power Teams
        L-22 LG-3 LM-1 Z-28
        250 305 350 350
    3-and 4 speed 1 3.50:1 2.85:1 2.85:1 2.64:1
    manual 2 1.89:1 2.02:1 2.02:1 1.75:1
    transmission 3 1.00:1 1.35:1 1.35:1 1.34:1
    ratios 4 -- 1.00:1 1.00:1 1.00:1
      R 3.62:1 2.85:1 2.85:1 2.55:1
    Clutch diam., in.   9.12 10.34 10.34 11.0
    Axle ratios S 2.56:1 3.08:1 3.08:1 3.73:1
    Turbo Hydramatic 12.52:12.52:12.52:12.52:1
    transmission2 1.52:1 1.52:1 1.52:1 1.52:1
    R 1.93:1 1.93:1 1.93:1 1.93:1
    Axle ratios S2.56:12.41:12.41:1 3.42:1
     E-- 3.08:1--

    No manual transmissions availble in Califomia for 1979.
    S = Standard ratio, E = Economy, P = Performance.

    Transmission Codes
    TypePlant Code
    4-Speed (Saginaw) MuncieR
    Parma THM 350B
    Toledo THM 350Y
    GM of Canada THM 350J
    Buick Motor DivisionK

    Note: Buick code located on governor cover.

    Transmission Code Example: Y9D27 - (1979 TH350, 3 speed A/T, assembled April 27)
    Click here for further transmission decoding information

    Rear Axle Codes
    PA2.73:1 PS2.41:1 Locking
    PC3.08:1 PT2.56:1 Locking
    PE3.42:1 PU2.73:1 Locking
    PF3.73:1 PW3.08:1 Locking
    PH2.56:1 PY3.42:1 Locking
    PJ2.41:1 PZ3.73:1 Locking

    Rearend Code Example: PCG100D- - (Chevy sourced 3.08 open, Assembled on day shift of 100th day of the year)
    Click here for further axle decoding information
    Click Here for general axle info and tooth combinations

    1979 Camaro Factory Options
    RPO DescriptionQty Retail *
    1FQ87 Camaro Sport Coupe111,357 $4,676.90
    1FQ87 Camaro Rally Sport Coupe19,101 5,072.90
    1FS87 Camaro Berlinetta Coupe67,236 5,395.90
    1FQ87 Camaro Z28 Sport Coupe84,877 6,115.35
    AK1Belts, color-keyed seat and shoulder 128,37823.00
    AN6Adjustable Seat Back, driver side32,061 23.00
    AU3Power Door Locks53,309 86.00
    A01Soft Ray Tinted Glass, all windows247,48464.00
    A02Tinted windshield9,689
    A31Power Windows 81,481 132.00
    BS1Acoustical Insulation Package
    B37Floor Mats, color-keyed front and rear152,931 23.00
    B80Molding, roof drip116,15824.00
    B84Moldings, body side124,16643.00
    B93Moldings, door edge96,541 13.00
    - Vinyl Roof Cover 5,341 112.00
    CC1 Roof Panels, removable glass 33,584 655.00
    CD4Windshield Wipers, intermittent 62,532 38.00
    C49Defogger, rear window 127,17199.00
    C60Air Conditioning91,062 562.00
    D35 Mirrors, sport right and left remote exterior 101,52943.00
    D55 Console278,40780.00
    D80 Spoiler, rear 53,499 58.00
    F41 Suspension, sport 20,714 41.00
    G80 Rear Axle, limited slip38,604 64.00
    G92 Rear Axle, performance ratio2,438 18.00
    J50 Power Brakes (included with Z28)192,50576.00
    K05Engine Block Heater5,528
    K30 Speed Control, cruise master75,013 103.00
    LG3 Engine, 305ci, 145hp V8 (135hp in Calif)138,197235.00
    LM1 Engine, 350ci, 170hp V8 (160hp in Calif)122,461360.00
    MM3Transmission, 3-speed manual3,776
    MM4 Transmission, 4-speed wide range10,796 135.00
    MX1 Transmission, automatic249,012335.00
    M21 Transmission, 4-speed close ratio (Z28 only)18,987 nc
    NA5 Emission Equipment, standard246,919nc
    NA6 Emission Equipment, high altitude537 35.00
    N33 Tilt Steering Column145,76175.00
    N65 Spare Tire, stowaway55,871 nc
    N90 Wheels, aluminum57,907 315.00
    PE1 Wheels, custom-style5,559 143.00
    P01 Wheel Covers, bright metal10,431 43.00
    P40Tire Equipment, export4,440
    QBT Tires, FR78x14 belted radial white letter48,568 65.00
    QDVTires, FR78x14 belted blackwall8,391
    QDW Tires, FR78x14 belted radial white stripe133,55249.00
    QEG Tires, E78x14 belted blackwall 1,565 -118.95
    QEH Tires, E78x14 belted white stripe5,618 -71.95
    QGRTires, P225x70-15 white letter (Z28)81,395
    QRZTires, GR70-15 white letter (Z28)3,482
    T70Headlamps, export1,595
    T89Tail lamps, export491
    T90Lamps, rear end lighting & reflectors3,529
    TR9 Lighting, auxiliary89,014 37.00
    UA1 Battery, heavy-duty41,533 20.00
    UM1 Radio, AM with stereo tape6,875 248.00
    UM2 Radio, AM-FM with stereo tape37,713 335.00
    UN3 Radio, AM-FM with stereo cassette19,195 341.00
    UP5 Radio, AM-FM with CB and power antenna 198489.00
    UP6 Radio, AM-FM stereo CB and power antenna1,355 570.00
    UY8 Radio, AM-FM stereo with clock 1,182 395.00
    U05 Horns, dual36,476 9.00
    U14 Special Instrumentation20,015 112.00
    U18 Speedometer, export5,786
    U35 Clock 20,995 23.00
    U58 Radio, AM-FM stereo 37,120 232.00
    U63 Radio, AM 61,755 85.00
    U69 Radio, AM-FM30,947 158.00
    U75 Antenna, power 14,21447.00
    U76 Antenna, windshield type71,047 27.00
    U80 Speaker, rear seat22,801 25.00
    V01 Radiator, heavy-duty17,748 33.00
    VE1 Spoiler Delete 81
    YF5 Emission Equipment, required for California35,115 83.00
    ZJ7 Rally Wheels86,119 93.00
    Z21Style Trim Group116,34073.00
    Z49 Canadian Equipment20,919
    Z54Interior Decor and Quiet Sound Package 32,551 64.00

    * Option prices are retail for base model. Prices could be reduced or option could be had at no charge if it was included as standard equipment on the Z28 or Berlinetta model.

    1979 Camaro Exterior & Interior Color Codes
    Trim Tag (Norwood Built Camaro)

    Model Year = 1979 Assembly Date - 01B = 2nd week of January Model Description Assembly Plant - Norwood Ohio Fisher Body Sequence Number Interior Trim Code - 19R = Black Standard vinyl Lower Paint Code - 15L = Silver Upper Paint Color - 19U = Black Stripe Code - 76A = Red Paint Type Code - L = Laquer Seat Type Code Roof Type - Non-T-Top Window Type - Non-Power Z85 Rally Sport Package Black Dash  & Steering Column Internal Plant Code
    Trim Tag (LA Built Camaro)

    Model Year - 1979 Assembly Date - 01A = 1st Week of January Model Description Assembly Plant - L = Van Nuys CA. Fisher Body Sequence Number Interior Trim Code - 62R = Tan Lower Paint Code - 69L = Dark Brown Upper Paint Color Code - 69U = Dark Brown Paint Type Code - W = Water Seat Type Code Roof Type - Non T-Toip car Dash & Column Color Code - T = Tan Window Type - 3 = Power Windows This 8 means this is a Z28 Internal Plant Code

    The trim tag, located on the cowl area identifies significant information about your car. Move mouse over code on above trim tag examples for detailed description or Click Here for general trim tag decoding information.

    Paint CodeColorQtyVinyl TopInterior Availability
    11 White 35,516 B-Bg-Bk-W B-Bk-C-G-O-T
    15 Silver 25,949 BK-S-W Bk-C-O
    19 Black 34,115 B-Bg-Bk-S-WB-Bk-C-O-T
    22 Light Blue27,449 B-Bk-S-WB-Bk-O
    24 Bright Blue20,926 Bk-W B-Bk-O-T
    29 Dark Blue36,026 B-Bk-S-W B-Bk-O-T
    40 Light Green3,450 Bk-G-W Bk-G
    44 Medium Green3,894 Bk-G-W Bk-G
    51 Bright Yellow11,875Bk-W Bk-O-T
    61 Beige11,370 Bk-Bg-WBk-C-T
    63 Camel14,052Bk-Bg-WBk-C
    69 Dark Brown22,170 Bg-W Bk-O-T
    75 Red 15,593 Bk-WBk-C-O-T
    77 Carmine20,185 Bk-C-S-WBk-C-O-T

    Abbreviations: B = Blue, Bg = Beige, Bk = Black, C = Carmine, G = Green, O = Oyster, S = Silver, T = Tan, W = White.

    1979 Vinyl Top Code
    11T = White, 15T = Silver Metalic, 19T = Black, 22T = Light Blue, 40T = Pastel Green, 61T = Medium Beige, 79T = Dark Carmine Metallic

    Interior Trim Codes:
    Code number is color: 12 = Oyster, 19 = Black, 24 = Blue, 44 = Green, 62 = Tan, 74 = Carmine
    Suffix letter is trim level. - B = Standard Cloth, C = Custom Cloth, N = Custom vinyl, R = Standard vinyl






















    Abbreviations: B = Blue, Bk = Black, C = Carmine, G = Green, O = Oyster, T = Tan.

    Interior Trim / Seat Type order code, availability & cost
    V**2 = vinyl Bucket Seats, (N/A Berlinetta), no charge.
    C**2 = Cloth Bucket Seats, (N/A Berlinetta), $23.

    Custom Interior: Includes glove compartment light and additional instrument cluster lighting, special insulation, "Berlinetta" type seats, seat trim and door trim. Requires D35 sport mirrors.

    X**2 = Custom vinyl Bucket, (no charge w/ Berlinetta), $307.
    F**2 = Custom Cloth Bucket, ($23 w/Berlinetta), $330

    Click here for a view of standard interior

    1979 Camaro RPO Breakouts & Model Specifics

    1979 Z21 Style Trim - Includes body colored insert on door handles; bright roof drip, lock pillar, upper fender, hood panel and belt mouldings plus bright accented parking lights.

    1979 Camaro Z28 Special Performance Package

    Other Views: Side view | Rear View Closeup | High Frontal View | Z28 Sales Brochure

    Engine: 350 LM-1 V8 with Revised exhaust, carburetion, and ignition timing, dropped horsepower to 175 for 49-States versions and 170 bhp in California. Torque was also slightly lower this year.

    Click here to see the specific LM-1 Engine Components.

    1979 Z28 Carburetor (Rochester Quadrajet)

    Transmission: 4-speed Borg-Warner T-10, aluminum case, Inland or Hurst shifter, 2.54:1 low (not available in California). Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 optional, mandatory in California.

    Clutch: 11 inch diameter.

    Rear Axle : Ratios were 3.42 for Turbo Hydra-Matic and 3.73 for 4-speed; no options

    Brakes : 11-inch, vented, cast-iron front discs with vacuum assist standard. Rear 9.5-inch drums. (unchanged since 1970)

    Front Suspension: Spring rates 365 lb./in. Stabilizer 1.2 inch. Identical to and unchanged from 1977.

    Rear Suspension: Spring rate 127 lb./in. Rear Stabilizer .55 inch. Identical and unchanged since 1977.

    Steering : Power assist, straight 13.02:1 overall. Identical & unchanged since 1977.

    Wheels & Tires: 15 x 7 rims, Goodyear GR70-15 steel-belted radials standard. Identical to 1978.

    Click here to see the specific 1979 Z28 Chassis Specifications.

    Other Options, equipment, facts: New 3 piece front spoiler added. Z-28 graphics changed for 1979, and instrument cluster & dash revised along with other '79 Camaros. Headlight bezels and window trim were black anodized, not chrome. Functional "gill" style fender vents, and a non-functional "stinger" style hood scoop continued, along with a simulated Rope wrapped steering wheel, unique to the Z28.

    Total Production: 84,887

    1979 Z28 Camaro. From people who know what performance is all about.

    1979 Z54 Interior Decor/Quiet Sound - Includes glove compartment light and additional instrument cluster lighting; simulated leather accents on instrument cluster; special engine compartment, hood and interior insulation (Standard with Berlinetta)

    1979 Rally Sport Model - Two tone paint scheme, includes "upper color" hood, header panel, grill, headlamp bezels, top of fenders, front part of roof, upper portion of doors, rear end panel and license plate opening. Tri-color decal separates upper color from body color. Tri-color rally sport decals on fenders and deck lid. Option D35 sport mirrors, D80 rear spoiler and ZJ7 Rally Wheels were standard.
    Not available w/vinyl roof, not combinable with Z28 or Berlinetta model.
    Available lower body color choices were: Lt. Blue, Beige, Red, Silver, White & Bright Yellow.

    Click here to view a: 1979 Rally Sport Camaro (GM Photo) | Nice Rally Sport Camaro

    1979 Berlinetta - Included Custom Interior, bright upper and lower grille, bright windshield and rear window moldings, dual pin stripe treatment, body color sport mirrors (D35), argent applique on rear panel, specific trim and either polycast wheels (PE1) or color-keyed aluminum wheels (N90, 14 x 7") (optional). Amberlite insulation blankets included in doors, rear quarters, roof/sail panels, behind rear seat, under package tray and under carpeting (RPO Z54 interior decor/quiet sound). Option U05 dual horns and U14 Special Instrumentation were also standard equipment.

    Click here to view: side view of a Berlinetta | front view of a Berlinetta | A pair of Berlinettas | Berlinetta Sales Brochure

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