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1975 Camaro Production: 29,749 6-cyl, 116,021 V8, 145,770 total.
Dealer Introduction: 9/27/74

Vehicle Identification Example: 1Q87H5N500001

  • First digit is GM Division: 1 = Chevrolet
  • Second digit is model: Q = Sport Coupe, S = Type LT Coupe
  • Digits 3 & 4 are body type: 87 = 2dr. coupe
  • Fifth digit is engine code: D = 250ci 105hp, H = 350ci 145hp, L = 350ci 155hp
  • Sixth digit is model year: 5 = 1975
  • Seventh digit is N for Norwood assembly.
  • Last six digits increased one with each car built at Norwood.
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    Hey, Upon further review....

    Length: 195.4 inchesHeight:49.1 inchesWidth: 74.4 inches Wheelbase: 108.0 inches

    Curb Weight: (in pounds, see: 1975 Option weight table)
    1FQ87 - 3531
    1FS87 - 3726

    1975 Ending VIN by Month
    Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
    Norwood:   511248 526972 539138 547776 561753 572982 584175 597615 612175 625825 645775
    Van Nuys: None built

    1975 Spotters Guide & New Features

    Hey, have you seen my Leisure suit? 1975 saw a couple major changes to the Camaro, some visible, some not. One fault of the Camaro was it's poor rear visibility. To remedy this, the rear window was redesigned to be a "wrap around" design. With the elimination of leaded gas and in an effort to further reduce emissions, the Catalytic Converter debuted. This required a modification to the passenger side floor.

    The Rally Sport option reappeared, this time as a paint & trim package.

    Note: The Z28 was not available in 1975. There is no such thing as a 1975 Z28, even if you've seen or bought one on e-bay. Of the one built, it was supposed to have been destroyed before it left GM.

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    Click here for Second Generation Camaro Spotters Guide & Summary of Yearly Changes

    1975 Camaro Engines
    CIDConfigBore & StrokeBHP @ RPMTorque @ rpm Comp Carb.
    Base250L-63.875 x 3.53105 @ 3800185 @ 12008.25:11V
    L-65350V-84.00 x 3.48145 @ 3800250 @ 22008.5:12V
    LM-1350V-84.00 x 3.48155 @ 3800250 @ 24008.5:14V

    Notes: L-65 350 V-8 not available in California.

    Engine Suffix Codes
    CJL: 250ci, at, ceCJZ: 250ci, at, ce, ep CML: 350ci, at, ce
    CJT: 250ci, at CHW: 350ci, at CMU: 350ci, mt
    CJU: 250ci, mt CMB: 350ci, mt CRX: 350ci, at

    Abbreviations: at = Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic transmission, ce = california emission controls, ci = cubic inch, ep = early production, mt = manual transmission.

    Engine Code Example: V0427CMB - (350ci - 155hp Assembled in Flint assembly plant on April 27)
    Click here for further engine decoding information

    1975 Camaro Power Teams
        L-22 L-65 LM-1
        250 350 350
    3- and 4-spd. 1 3.11:1 2.85:1 2.54:1a
    manual 2 1.84:1 1.68:1 1.80:1
    transmission 3 1.00:1 1.00:1 1.44:1
    ratios 4 -- -- 1.00:1
      R 3.22:1 2.95:1 2.54:1
    Clutch diam., in.   9.12 10.34 10.34
    Axle ratios S 3.08:1 2.73:1 3.08:1
      E -- 2.56:1 --
        L-22 L-65 LM-1
        250 350 350
    Turbo Hydra- 1 2.52:1 2.52:1 2.52:1
    matic 2 1.52:1 1.52:1 1.52:1
    transmission 3 1.00:1 1.00:1 1.00:1
    ratios R 1.93:1 1.93:1 1.93:1
    Axle ratios S 2.73:1 2.73:1 3.08:1
      E -- 2.56:1 2.56:1
      P 3.08:1 --

    a = LM-1 came standard with same 3-speed as L-65.

    Transmission Codes
    Manual - TypePlant Code
    3-Speed (H.D.)MuncieH
     Automatic - Source Code
     Parma THM 350B
     Parma THM 250D
     Toledo THM 350Y
     GM of CanadaJ
    Transmission Code Example: Y5D27 - (1975 TH350, 3 speed A/T, assembled April 27)
    Click here for further transmission decoding information

    Rear Axle Codes
    PA2.73:1 PU2.73:1 Locking
    PC3.08:1 PW3.08:1 Locking
    PH2.56:1 PY3.42:1 Locking
    PT2.56:1 Locking PZ3.42:1

    Rearend Code Example: PZG100D- - (Chevy sourced 3.42 open, Assembled on day shift of 100th day of the year)
    Click here for further axle decoding information
    Click Here for general axle info and tooth combinations

    1975 Camaro Factory Options
    RPODescriptionQtyRetail *
    1FQ87 Camaro Sport Coupe, 6-cylinder 29,749 $3,553.05
    1FQ87Camaro Sport Coupe, 8-cylinder76,1783,698.05
    1FS87 Camaro Type LT Coupe, 8-cylinder 39,843 4,070.05
    AK1Belts, color-keyed seat and shoulder 29,236 16.00
    AN6Adjustable Seat Back, driver side9,18118.00
    AU3 Power Door Locks5,59956.00
    A01Soft Ray Tinted Glass, all windows113,10445.00
    A02Tinted windshield2,598
    A31Power Windows 10,596 91.00
    B37Floor Mats, color-keyed front and rear43,385 14.00
    B49Carpet, deluxe front and rear 1,940 30.00
    B84Moldings, body side73,864 38.00
    B93Guards, door edge38,449 7.00
    C09Vinyl Roof Cover26,885 87.00
    C24Windshield Wipers, hide-a-way 23,532 21.00
    C50Defroster, rear window 35,139 41.00
    C60Air Conditioning77,276 435.00
    D34Mirror, visor vanity- 3.00
    D35Mirrors, sport right and left remote exterior80,646 27.00
    D80Spoilers, front and rear21,02877.00
    D88Striping, black39,84377.00
    F41Special purpose suspension422
    FE8Suspension, radial tuned12,20135.00
    G80Positraction, rear axle8,95749.00
    G92Rear Axle, high altitude93 12.00
    G95Rear Axle, highway1,596 12.00
    J50Power Brakes49,356 55.00
    K05Engine block heater2,349
    LM1Engine, 155hp, 350ci Turbo-Fire V831,569 54.00
    M20Transmission, 4-speed wide range8,681 219.00
    M40Transmission, Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic 126,518235.00
    N33Tilt Steering Column31,41849.00
    N65Spare Tire, space saver16914.10
    PE1Wheels, turbine-style3,601110.50
    P01Wheel Covers, bright metal29,594 30.00
    QBTTires, FR78x14 belted radial white letter18,865 46.00
    QDWTires, FR78x14 belted radial white stripe97,076 33.00
    QEGTires, FR78x14 belted blackwall2,499-105.90
    QEHTires, E78x14 belted white stripe13,839 -74.90
    QLQE60x14 white letter tires909
    UA1 Battery, heavy duty7,512 15.00
    UM1 Radio, AM with stereo tape3,834 199.00
    UM2 Radio, AM-FM with stereo tape 2,060 363.00
    U05 Horns, dual18,709 4.00
    U14 Special Instrumentation9,854 88.00
    U35Clock 18,228 17.00
    U58Radio, AM-FM stereo8,167 233.00
    U63Radio, AM77,993 69.00
    U69Radio, AM-FM26,025 135.00
    U80Speaker, rear seat40,292 19.00
    V01Radiator, heavy duty13,133 15.00
    V30Bumper Guards, front and rear15,308 34.00
    YF5Emission Equipment, required for California11,604 45.00
    ZJ7Rally Wheels63,026 46.00
    ZJ9Auxiliary Lighting21,380 22.50
    Z08Sports Decor6,72842.00
    Z21Style Trim Group66,54155.00
    Z28Special Performance Package (I SMELL TRIVIA)ONE
    Z54Interior Decor and Quiet Sound Package15,941 35.00
    Z85Rally Sport Package7,000 238.00
    Z86Suspension, gymkhana3,711112.00

    * Option prices are retail for base model. Prices could be reduced or option could be had at no charge if it was included as standard equipment on the Rally Sport or Type LT model.

    Note: The Z28 was not available in 1975. There is no such thing as a 1975 Z28, even if you've seen or bought one on e-bay. The one which was supposedly made either went to a GM excecutive, or was destroyed. It didn't become available to a dealer.

    1975 Exterior & Interior Color Codes
    Trim Tag (Norwood Built Camaro)
    Model Year - 1975 Model Description Assembly Plant Fisher Body Unit Number Interior Color Code - 91V = White vinyl Seat Code Lower Exterior Color Code - 13 = Silver Upper Body Color Code - 13 = Silver Build Date - 11D = 4th Week of November Column Color - BLK = Black Internal Plant Code

    The trim tag, located on the cowl area identifies significant information about your car. Move mouse over code on above trim tag examples for detailed description or Click Here for general trim tag decoding information.

    Paint CodeExteriorVinyl TopInteriors
    11 Antique White B-Bk-Br-Dr-G-R-Ss-W Bk-Bkr-Dr-Gs-S-Ss-Wbk-Wr
    13 Silver B-Bk-Dr-Sv-W Bk-Dr-Wbk
    15 Light GrayBk-Dr-W Bk-Dr-Gs-S-Wbk
    26 Bright BlueB-Bk-Sv-W Bk-Wbk
    29 Midnight BlueB-Bk-Sv-W Bk-Gs-Wbk
    44 Med. GreenBK-G-WBk-Wbk
    49 Dark GreenBk-G-Ss-WBk-Gs-S-Ss-Wbk
    50 Cream BeigeBk-Ss-WBk-S-Ss-Wbk
    51 Bright YellowBk-WBk-Gs-Wbk
    55 SandstoneBk-Ss-WBk-S-Ss-Wbk
    58 Dark SandstoneBk-Ss-W Bk-S-Ss-Wbk
    63 Light SaddleBk-Br-WBk-S-Wbk
    64 Med. OrangeBk-Br-WBk-Gs-S-Ss-Wbk
    74 Dark Red Bk-Dr-Sv-WBk-Gs-Dr-Wbk
    75 Light RedBK-R-W Bk-Bkr-S-Ss-Wbk-Wr

    1975 Vinyl Top Code
    A = White, B = Black, D = Medium Blue, E = Cream-Beige, F = Brown, G = Medium Green, H = Dark Red, L = Russet, R = Saddle, W = Silver Taupe

    Interior Trim Codes:


    19V - Bk (a)

    55V - Ss

    63V - S

    91V - W (b)

    19C - Bk (c)

    55C - Ss

    Type LT Special
    Custom (d)

    55W - Ss
    Knit vinyl

    63W - S
    Knit vinyl

    16D - Gs
    Knit Cloth

    55D - Ss
    Knit Cloth

    63D - S
    Knit Cloth

    73D - Dr
    Knit Cloth



    (a) = 19V = Black vinyl seats with either Black carpet (Bk) or Red Carpet (Bkr)
    (b) = 91V = White vinyl seats with either Black carpet (Wbk) or Red carpet (Wr)
    (c) = 19C = Black cloth seats with either Black carpet (Bk) or Red Carpet (Bkr)
    (d) = Leather shows as available option for Type LT ($216) but none delivered retail.

    B = Blue, Bk = Black, Bkr = Black seats with red carpet, Br = Brown, Dr = Dark Red, G = Green, Gs = Graystone, R = Red, S = Saddle, Ss = Sandstone, Sv = Silver, W = White, Wbk = White seats with black carpet, Wr = White seats with red carpet.

    1975 Camaro RPO Breakouts & Model Specifics

    Spring Information

    1975 Z08 Sports Decor - Includes body colored mirros, body colored insert on door handles, and a body color vinyl applique on the lower front and rear bumpers. Available on any model Camaro.

    1975 Z21 Style Trim - Includes body colored insert on door handles; bright roof drip, lock pillar, upper fender, hood panel and belt mouldings plus bright accented parking lights.

    1975 Z54 Interior Decor/Quiet Sound - Includes glove compartment light and additional instrument cluster lighting; woodgrain accents on instrument cluster; special engine compartment, hood and interior insulation (Standard with Type LT)

    1975 Z85 Rally Sport - The Rally Sport option was an Exterior Appearance package. It includes low-gloss black treatment of hood, header panel, grill, headlamp bezels, top of fenders, front part of roof, upper portion of doors, rear end panel and license plate opening. Tri-color decal separates black paint from body color. Tri-color rally sport decals on fenders and deck lid. Not available w/vinyl roof.

    1975 Z86 gymkhana suspension - Includes 15x7" wheels with bright lugnuts, special center caps and trim rings, E60 x 15 white letter tires, special front and rear swaybars, shocks and steering gear. V8 engine required. (sounds like an alternative to what was formerly available with Z28, and/or some positioning between future suspension packages - Z86, FE8 or F41... They apparently went with F41 and junked this package - Gymkhana??)

    1975 Type LT - Plush Interior with seats and door trim in cord-ridge fabric or knit vinyl, new birdseye maple woodgrain treatments, color coordinated instrument panel, steering wheel and column. Amberlite insulation blankets included in doors, rear quarters, roof/sail panels, behind rear seat, under package tray and under carpeting.

    Click here to view a 1975 Type LT: Rear View

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