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1972 Camaro Production: 4,821 6-cyl, 63,830 V8, 68,651 total.
Dealer Introduction: 9/23/71

Vehicle Identification Example: 1Q87H2N10001

  • First digit is GM Division: 1 = Chevrolet
  • Second digit is model level: Q = Camaro (all models)
  • Digits 3&4 are Body Type: 87 = 2dr. Coupe
  • Fifth digit is engine code: D = 250ci, F = 307ci, H = 350ci, K = 350ci,ss, L = 350ci, z *, U = 396ci,ss
  • Sixth digit is model year: 2 = 1972
  • Seventh digit is N for Norwood assembly.
  • Last six digits increased one with each car built at Norwood, sequence started at 100001.
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    Note: The correct 1972 Z28 VIN engine code is "L". The Camaro White book, "Camaro Recognition Guide" (hooper) & "Camaro ID Numbers" (Cars & Parts) incorrectly list the VIN on a Z28 as being "T". "T" usage in VIN as Z28 engine code began in 1973.

    Length: 188.0"Height: 50.5"Width: 74.4" Wheelbase: 108.0"

    Curb Weight: (in pounds, see: 1972 Option weight table)
    12387 - 3213
    12487 - 3340

    1972 Ending VIN by Month
    Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
    Norwood: 103511 116358 129265 141851 152533 158652 160185 167139 168650    
    Van Nuys: None built

    1972 Spotters Guide and New Features

    Put 1972 in a trash can and bury it. Chevy continued to refine the Camaro but due to a 174 day strike beginning on April 7, no cars left Norwood Ohio, which was the only plant producing the F-body. When the strike ended, 1100 partially completed cars were scrapped or donated to vocational schools since it would be too expensive to modify them to conform to stricker '73 bumper & emission regulations. It is estimated that 39,000 camaros and firebirds weren't built, worth an estimated $125 Million to dealers. The Nova line was moved from Norwood to protect it from future "labor problems". The position of the F-body was precarious with serious talk about axing the whole model, shutting down the Norwood plant and writting it off. Pony car sales were down, the federal (emissions & safety) boot was coming down, the price of gas was up, insurance was up, the SS was zapped. IT WAS DUE TO PEOPLE LIKE US - powerful owner loyalty groups which helped sway GM to keep producing the F-body. IMO: If it came down to business economics the Camaro/Firebird would have died in 1972. Alas, it didn't... and the '72's got:

    • Coarser grille mesh.
    • Z21 NOT INCLUDED with Z22 (notice price drop on Z22 option)
    • 3 point shoulder harness debuted in mid year.
    • Door panels restyled, include map pockets & change holder.
    • Speedometer reads 130 max, down from 150
    • Hurst Shifter no longer used
    • Last year for Super Sport Model
    • Last year for Big Block engine
    • First year specific engine type is coded in VIN
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    1972 Engine & Drivetrain Info

    CIDConfigBore & Stroke BHP @ RPMTorque @ rpmCompCarb
    Base250 L-6 3.875 x 3.53 110 @ 3800 185 @ 1600 8.5:1 1V
    Base307V-8 3.875 x 3.25 130 @ 4000 230 @ 24008.5:12V
    L-65350V-8 4.00 x 3.48 165 @ 4000 280 @ 24008.5:1 2V
    L-48350V-8 4.00 x 3.48 200 @ 4400 300 @ 28008.5:1 4V
    Z-28350 V-8 4.00 x 3.48 255 @ 5600 280 @ 40009.0:1 4V
    LS-3396 V-84.126 x 3.76 240 @ 4400 345 @ 3200 8.5:1 4V

    Notes: Horsepower and torque figures listed are net. GM published no gross ratings after l971 model year.
    Base 307 and LS-3 "396" not available in California. Base V-8 for California was L-65 350.
    The LS-3 "396" V-8's actual displacement was 402 cid.

    Engine Suffix Codes
    CAY: 307ci, ce, mtCMB: 350ci, at, ce CAZ: 307ci, at, ce, pg
    CMH: 350ci, ce, mtCBA: 250ci, ce, mt CRD: 350ci, ar, at
    CBG: 250ci, mtCRG: 350ci, ar, mt CBJ: 250ci, pg
    CRZ: 396ci, arCDA: 350ci, ce, mt CSD: 250ci, ce, pg
    CDB: 350ci, at, cc CSZ: 396ci, ar, at CDD: 350ci, at, ce, 200hp/SS
    CTA: 396ci, ar, mt, 240hp/SSCDG: 350ci, ce, mt, 200hp/SS CTB: 396ci, ar, at, 240hp/SS
    CDL: 250ci, ar, pgCTK: 307ci, atCDM: 250ci, ar, mt
    CTL: 350ci, atCKA: 350ci, mt CKB: 350ci, at
    CKD: 350ci, at, 200hp/SSCKG: 307ci, mtCKH: 307ci, pg
    CKK: 350ci, mt, 200hp/SSCKS: 350ci, mt, z CKT: 350ci, at, z
    CLA: 396ci, mt, 240hp/SSCLB: 396ci, at, 240hp/SSCMA: 307ci, at, ce

    Abbreviations: at = Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic transmission, ar = air injection reactor, ce = California emission controls, tb = two barrel carburetor, mt = manual transmission, pg = Powerglide automatic transmission, SS = super sport, Z = RPO Z28 special performance package.

    Engine Code Example: V0328CAZ - (307 CI, Assembled in Flint assembly plant on March 28)
    Click here for further engine decoding information

    1972 Power Teams
    BaseBaseL-65 L-48Z-28LS-3
    250307 350 350 350 396
    3-and 4-spd.1 2.85:12.85:1 2.54:1a2.54:12.52:12.20:1
    manual 2 1.68:11.68:1 1.50:11.80:11.88:11.64:1
    Transmission31.00:11.00:1 1.00:11.44:11.46:11.27:1
    ratios 4 -- -- --1.00:1 1.00:11.00:1
     R 2.95:12.95:12.63:1 2.54:12.59:12.26:1
    Clutch diam., in.9.12 10.34 10.34 10.34 11.0 11.0
    Axle ratios S3.08:13.08:1 3.08:13.42:13.73:13.42:1
    P4.10:1 --
    BaseBase L-65 L-48 Z-28 LS-3
        250 307 350 350 350 396
    Powerglide & 1 1.82:1 1.82:1a 2.52:1 2.52:1 2.48:1 2.48:1
    Turbo Hydra- 2 1.00:1 1.00:1 1.52:1 1.52:1 1.48:1 1.48:1
    Matic ratios 3 -- -- 1.00:1 1.00:1 1.00:1 1.00:1
      R 1.82:1 1.82:1 1.90:1 1.90:1 2.08:1 2.08:1
    Axle ratios S3.08:13.08:1 2.73:13.08:13.73:13.42:1

    Three-speed manual available only with 250 and 307; 4-speed only with 350 and 396 V-8's.
    a = Turbo Hydra-Matic with 2.52:1 low also available with 307 V-8.
    S = Standard ratio, E = Economy, P = Performance.

    Transmission Codes Rear Axle Codes
    Type Plant Code  
    3-Speed Muncie S  
    4-Speed (cast iron case) Muncie R  
    4-Speed (Aluminum case) Muncie P  
    Powerglide Cleveland C  
    Turbo Hydramatic 350 Cleveland B  
    Turbo Hydramatic 350 Toledo Y  
    Turbo Hydramatic 350 GM Canada J  
    CA2.73:1 Locking CK3.42:1
    CB4.10:1 GX3.08:1
    CG3.73:1 GY3.08:1 Locking
    CJ3.42:1 Locking GZ2.73:1

    Transmission Code Example: S2M30 - (1972 Muncie 3 speed, assembled August 30
    Click here for further transmission decoding information
    TH400 transmission code is CK (SBC) or CY (BBC) and is stamped on a tag which is rivited to transmission case.

    Rearend Code Example: GZG100D - (Chevy sourced 2.73 open, Assembled on day shift of 100th day of the year)
    Click here for further axle decoding information
    Click Here for general axle info and tooth combinations

    Camaro for 1972: Nineteen years of Corvette taught us a lot about sport cars.

    1972 Factory Options

    RPODescriptionQtyRetail *
    12387 Camaro Sport Coupe, 6-cylinder 4,821 $2,729.70
    12487 Camaro Sport Coupe, 8-cylinder 63,830 2,819.70
    AK1Belts, custom deluxe8,47514.50
    AN6Adjustable Seat Back, driver side2,08718.00
    A01Soft Ray Tinted Glass, all windows44,15539.00
    A02Tinted Glass, windshield
    A31Power Windows
    A51Front bucket seat, non-reclining
    B37Floor Mats, color-keyed front and rear15,72512.00
    B93Guards, door edge21,4526.00
    C08 Vinyl Roof Cover 23,918 87.00
    C24 Windshield Wipers, hide-a-way 21,587 21.00
    C50 Defroster, rear window 7,018 31.00
    C60 Air Conditioning 31,738 397.00
    D34 Mirror, visor vanity 3,931 3.00
    D35 Mirror, left-hand remote control 28,965 15.00
    D55 Console 49,845 57.00
    D80 Spoilers, front and rear 5,954 77.00
    F41 Suspension, special purpose front and rear 7,133 30.00
    G80 Positraction, rear axle 7,643 45.00
    J50 Power Brakes 29,271 46.00
    J52 Front disc brakes
    LS3 Engine, 396ci, 240hp Turbo-jet V8 (SS) 970 96.00
    L48 V8 Engine, 350 CID
    L65 Engine, 350ci, 165hp Turbo-Fire V8 27,009 26.00
    M20 Transmission, 4-speed wide range 4,127 200.00
    M21 Transmission, 4-speed close ratio 942 200.00
    M22 Transmission, 4-speed close ratio heavy-duty 767 231.00
    M35 Transmission, Powerglide automatic 4,462 174.00
    M38 3-speed automatic transmission, 300 deluxe
    M40 Transmission, Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic 7,302 210.00
    NK4 Steering Wheel, sport 5,758 15.00
    N33 Tilt Steering Column 3,706 44.00
    N40 Power Steering 59,854 130.00
    PL3 E78-14-B tires - GB White lettering
    PL4 F70-14-B tires - GB White lettering
    PM7 F60-15-B tires - GB white lettering
    PY4 F70-14-B tires, white stripe
    P01 Wheel trim cover
    P02 Deluxe wheel trim cover
    T60 Heavy Duty battery
    U14 Instrument panel guage
    U35 Electric Clock
    U63 Radio, AM pushbutton 54,271 65.00
    U69 Radio, AM-FM pushbutton 10,404 135.00
    U76 Windshield antenna
    U80 Speaker, rear seat 15,889 15.00
    VF3 Bumpers, deluxe front and rear 2,449 36.00
    V01 Radiator, heavy duty 3,057 14.00
    YD1 Axle, trailering ratio 165 12.00
    YF5 Emission Test, required for California 8,124 15.00
    ZJ7 Rally Wheels 27,804 44.00
    ZJ9 Auxiliary Lighting 5,309 17.50
    ZP5 Appearance Guard Group (Includes B93, B37, D34)    
    ZQ9 Axle, performance ratio 652 12.00
    Z21 Style Trim Group 22,477 56.00
    Z22 Rally Sport Package 11,364 118.00
    Z23 Interior Accent Group 18,064 21.00
    Z27 Super Sport Package 6,562 306.35
    Z28 Special Performance Package 2,575 769.15
    Z87 Custom Interior 6,462 113.00

    * Option prices are retail for base model. Prices could be reduced or option could be had at no charge if it was included as standard equipment on the Z28, Rally Sport or Super Sport or as part of an option package.

    1972 Exterior & Interior Color Codes

    1972 (Rally Sport) Example Cowl Tag & Description
    Model Year - 1972 Model Description - Chevy Camaro V8 2 dr. cpe. Assembly Plant - Norwood Ohio Fisher Body Unit Sequence Number Interior Code - 779 = Covert Standard vinyl Lower Body Color - 53 = Placer Gold Upper Body Color - 53 = Placer Gold Build Date 10B - 2nd Week of October Seat Type Code

    The trim tag, located on the cowl area identifies significant information about your car. Move mouse over code on above trim tag examples for detailed description or Click Here for general trim tag decoding information.

    Paint CodeColorVinyl Top Interior Availability
    11 Antique White * ALL ** ALL *
    14 Pewter Silver Bk-G-P-W Bk-G-T-W
    24 Ascot Blue B-Bk-W B-Bk-W
    26 Mulsanne Blue Bk-W B-Bk-W
    36 Spring Green Bk-W Bk-W
    43 Gulf Green Bk-G-W Bk-Cv-G-W
    48 Sequoia Green Bk-Cv-G-P-W Bk-Cv-G-T-W
    50 Covert Tan Bk-Cv-W Bk-Cv-G-T-W
    53 Placer Gold Bk-Cv-W Bk-Cv-W
    56 CreamYellow Bk-Cv-W Bk-Cv-T-W
    57 Golden Brown Bk-Cv-W Bk-Cv-T-W
    63 Mohave Gold Bk-Cv-T-W Bk-Cv-T-W
    65 Flame Orange Bk-Cv-W Bk-W
    68 Midnight BronzeBk-Cv-T-W Bk-Cv-T-W
    75 Cranberry Red Bk-W Bk-W

    Stripes were available in black or white only, except black with Midnight Bronze paint and white with white paint. For non-vinyl roof cars (except midnight bronze) black stripes were used unless white was specially ordered.

    1972 Vinyl Top Code
    B = Black, D = Medium Blue, F = Medium Tan, G = Medium Green, J = White, T = Light Covert

    Interior Codes:











    Abbreviations: B = Blue, Bk = Black, Bbk = Blue with black trim, cc = custom cloth, Cv = Covert (light tan), Cvbk = Covert with black trim, G = Green, Gbk = Green with black trim, P = Pewter (silver), Std = standard, T = Tan, W = White.

    1972 Camaro RPO Breakouts & Model Specifics

    1972 Z21 Style Trim - Includes body colored insert on door handles, bright window, body, sill and hood panel mouldings plus bright accented parking lights, taillights and backup lights. (NOT included with Rally Sport option).

    1972 Z22 Rally Sport - Includes special black painted grille with special rubber tipped vertical center bar and resilient body color grille frame; Independant LH and RH front bumpers replacing full width bumper; license plate bracket mounted below RH bumper; parking lights with bright accents mounted on grille panel; Hide-a-Way windshield wipers with black-chrome finished arms and articulated left hand blade; bright window, hood panel and body sill moldings; body colored insert on door handles; RS emblem on steering wheel; Rally Sport front fender nameplates; bright accented taillights and back-up lights. (RS emblems deleted with SS or Z28 option).

    Click here for information on How to verify a Rally Sport
    Click here to view: [ RS Sales Brochure | RS Nose | RS Side View | Another side view]

    Camaro for 1972: If you want a Corvette, but you need a back seat

    1972 Z23 Accent Group Interior - Includes glove compartment light, additional instrument cluster lighting, wood grained accents on instrument cluster and steering wheel (included in Custom Interior option).

    1972 Z27 Super Sport - Includes 200-hp Turbo-Fire 350 engine and bright accents; heavy duty engine mounts and starter; dual exhaust; LH remote control mirror; power brakes, special ornamentation; special hood insulation; F70-14B bias belted ply white lettered tires, 14" x 7" wheels; black painted grille; hide-a-way windshield wipers with black chrome finished arms and articulated left hand blade; SS emblems on steering wheel, fenders and grille (exc. when combined with RS) available with V8 only, available with 4-speed manual or automatic transmission only, optional engine is LS3 240 hp 396 - not available in California). 396 equipped SS's recieved a black painted rear panel & required RPO F41.

    Total SS Production = 6562 - (L48/350 ci = 5592 | LS3/402 ci = 970)
    SS Verification: The 5th digit of the VIN will read "K" for the SS350 or "U" for the SS396. Period.

    click to view full size

    Click here to view a [ SS Sales Brochure | SS/RS Nose | SS/RS Rear View | Aggressive Marketing Image side view ]

    Carburetor Part numbers Distributor Part Numbers
    350 ci-7042203350 ci- 1112095
    350 ci w/at - 7042202 350 ci w/at -1112049
    350 ci w/NB2-7042903 350 ci w/at -1112154
    350 ci w/at & NB2-7042902 402 ci-1112057
    402 ci-7042201 402 ci- 1112162
    402 ci w/at-7042200

    1972 Z28 Special Performance Package

    Other Views: RS Front View | Z28 Sales Brochure

    Z28 Verification: The 5th digit of the VIN will read "L". Period.
    Total Production: 2575

    Engine: Net horsepower down to 255 from 275 in 1971. Torque dropped 20 ft./lb. Flex fan replaced viscous drive.

    Click here to see the specific LT-1 Engine Components.

    1972 Z28 Carburetor (780 CFM Holley, 4150)
    A/T List 6238-1 GM # 3997788
    4 spd List 6239-1 GM # 3999263

    Transmission & Clutch Mandatory choice of Muncie 4-speeds with 11 inch clutch. Hurst shifter dropped. Special 2400-rpm-stall torque converter Turbo Hydra-Matic optional. (Unchanged since 1970.)

    Rear Axle GM 10 bolt, 3.73:1 Positraction ratio standard. 4.10 available (ZQ9) (Unchanged from 1971)

    Brakes 11-inch, vented, cast-iron front discs with vacuum assist standard. Rear 9.5-inch drums. (Unchanged since 1970)

    Front Suspension: Z-28 anti-roll bar 1.0-inch diameter instead of standard 0.6875-inch unit. (Unchanged since 1970)
    Rear Suspension: Revised rear stabilizer bar and rear shock valving.
    Steering: Power steering had straight 16:1 ratio and was revalved to give more road feel.

    Wheels & Tires: 15 x 7 steel wheels painted dull grey with bright lugnuts, center caps with blue bow-tie and trim rings,
    Wheel Code: AU, Part #: 3983045, Center cap part #: 3989479, Trim Ring part #: 3984524.
    F60-15 fiberglass-belted white letter tires standard. (unchanged from & identical to 1970)

    Click here to see the specific 1972 Z28 Chassis Specifications.

    Other Options, equipment, facts: Chrome tailpipe tips eliminated. Revised grille. Rear deck spoiler and fast-ratio non power steering made optional instead of standard. Front air dam included with now optional D80 spoiler. Hood and deck striping became a delete option. Special instrumentation & dual sport mirrors standard.

    1972 Z87 Custom Interior - Includes deluxe seat (with cloth or vinyl seats) and sidewall trim; glove compartment light and additional instrument cluster lighting; wood grained accents on instrument cluster, steering wheel and door trim panels; luggage compartment mat plus special engine compartment, hood and interior insulation .

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