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Camaro Assembly Line Build Sheets

There's a lot of nifty paperwork associated with cars. Most people throw the stuff out shortly after buying their car but in some cases the original paperwork is still available with the car. Some of this paperwork is obvious, and some of it is hidden. Obvious paperwork is dealer invoices, window stickers and other sale information often found in the glove box. For 1970 to 1972 cars a "protect-o-plate" (POP) was given to the purchaser as well. Some paperwork is hidden or left in the car in various places - mainly the Build Sheet.

The Build Sheet, often considered "the holy grail" to many folks is a cool item to find. It is often the only means of verifying exactly what options came with your particular car, especially if your car was a Van Nuys built Camaro.

Club Member Jody Prather has come across a large amount of build sheets for 1970 and 1972 NORWOOD built Camaros. You can check to see if your car is on the list. If you have any questions, you can email him directly. All he has is what's itemized on the list.

The sheet is often located either behind the rear seat, or over the gas tank. On newer models, the build sheet might be stuffed under, or in a seat. FWIW: I found the build sheets for my 1978, 1979, and 1980 cars behind the rear seat back, wedged into the wire backing. As is usually the case on older cars, if the build sheet is/was over the gas tank, it's unreadable or gone.

As you can see below, the build sheet will contain a ton of information:

Dealership delivered to, options, colors, date car went down the line, complete option information, shipping weight.... really detailed information. You can use this information to cross reference your body tag, vin and major drivetrain components. For example, my rear axle is stamped "PY", the car came with options G80 and GU6 (3.42, posi), which is (was) correct. In my case, the build sheet confirmed my fears... I heard a rumor that the fly-by-night place I bought my car from specialized in buying wrecked Canadian cars...

My car was delivered to PLC Chevy, 155 Rue Cookshire, East Angus, PQ.
Uh-oh. And when I ultimately redid the body, I replaced the 5000 pound bondoed door. My car had obviously been hit in the drivers side door sometime before I bought it in 1985. Fortunatly, I've owned it for 12 years now and it's been well looked after. Heck, I was an 18 year old kid, wetting my pants for a 1980 or 81 Z28. (I was after the specific hood/scoops and prefered them over the '78-79 Z28).

Camaro Build Sheet

Last updated: 2/19/2011
Author: MadMike Maciolek

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