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Welcome to the Second Generation Camaro Restoration Guide. This guide contains everything you'll need to know about obtaining, identifying, repairing and maintaining your Camaro and is the most comprehensive and complete source of Second Generation Camaro information available anywhere.

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Introduction to Restoration Guide Finding a car and preparing to restore it Interior Restoration - Consoles, Dashboard, Door panels, seats, carpet Body & Exterior Restoration - Sheet Metal, emblems, bumpers, lights, doors Front and Rear Suspension & Subframe Information Rear Axle and Driveshaft Information Brake System Information Steering System Information Engine Information and Restoration Transmission Information and Restoration Fuel System Information Exhaust System Information Cooling System Information Wheel information Tire information Wiring diagrams, Optional Accessories and misc electrical information

Other Sections: Option (RPO) Definitions | Camaro Price Guide (2007) | Decoding | Car Care | Camaro Info | Spotters Guide | Camaro FAQ

This section is a "work in progress". I've often been asked to write a book on this subject, so - this is "the book". The outline for this section is taken from my "old NGCC parts system", and is still in the process of being updated and wrapped up into a single, comprehensive guide that you see here. Many of the photos and my commentary and OPINION was obtained during the process of restoring my 3 Z28's.

Information is compiled from Product Description Manuals, Fisher Body Manuals, Factory Assembly Manuals, Chevrolet Parts & Illistration Manuals, Chevrolet Passenger Car Service Manuals, AMA specifications, Dealer Order Guides and other GM sourced documentation. Some information is provided by club members, either specifically for inclusion in here, or it's taken and reformated from information posted on our clubs message board.

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