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Instrument Swap from Tell-Tale Lights to U14 (full) Instrumentation
Color Coded Wiring Sequence for 1970-1981 Camaro's
Author: Allen Kunihiro

Reference Info: Wiring diagrams

If your car currently has the standard instrumentation (tell-tale (or idiot) lights, a speedometer and a big gas gauge) and you'd like to install the U14 optional instrumentation package (depicted below), this article is for you.

Wanna look at this rather than red lights and a big gas gauge?

I have taken the information directly from the wiring harness of an existing instrument gauge assembly. This is compatible with the above listed years of Camaro's for an instrument gauge (U-14 package) swap out. There is no need to purchase a new and expensive wiring harness. You can use your existing harness and remove each pin to the below listed slots.

Editor Note: Fire up the wiring diagrams from the above link so you can see the pin-out for the standard plug and the pin-out for the U14 gauge plug. This will make a lot more sense.

If your looking at the black wiring harness, there are numbers from 1 - 6 on one side and 7 -12 on the other side. Each number represents a slot of the color coded wiring. The following is the color coding sequence which should be fitted into the numbered slots:

Slot #Color coded wireFunction
#1Dark BrownTach
#2Dark Green/White
#3Pink (double wired)
#4Light Brown
#5Light Grey
#7Light Brown/White
#8Pink, connected to #3 (wired in loop)
#9Light Blue
#10Light Green
#11Dark Blue
#12Light Blue/White (Light Blue is thicker wire)
correctly wired plug for u14 gauge cluster
correctly wired plug for u14 gauge cluster

Note: /White indicates a white stripe on the color coded wire. The #3 slot (pink wire) will have two protruding pink wires, one which is wired into a loop with slot #8 and a second wire which is attached to it.

The picture reflects slots #'s 1 thru #6 (Lt to Rt)on the top and slots #7 thru #12 (Rt to Lt) on the bottom. Note slot #3 depicting the pink looped wires from slot #3 to slot #8. This is a picture of a correctly wired "U-14" gauge package.

old Pin 4 (brown) must be released from the connector and left out
old Pin 2 (light brown) moves to Pin 4
old Pin 12 (dark green) moves to Pin 2
old Pin 3 (dark blue/white) moves to Pin 12
old Pin 1 (pink) moves to Pin 3
tach goes into pin 1 (just run a wire from the distributor [TACH] plug on HEI. If you're careful you can re-use the harness pin from old Pin 4).


To swap the wires, you release the wire contact from the plug on the end of the wiring harness. You can release the pin by inserting a very small screwdriver or paper clip into the connector and depressing the locking tab. Once you release the tab, slip the wire contact out of the plug and bend the small locking tab back. Insert the wire contact into the designated position (listed above), it will click when it engages back into the connector).

The volt meter has its' own spade plug connection. You can just run a lead into the "IGN" terminal of the fuse box which supplies power only when the key is in the "on "position.

You must purchase and install a new temperature sending unit (FOR GAUGES) for the temperature gauge to work properly. ( I purchased a "Standard" brand, stock number "TS6", for about $12.00, from my local parts store.

Last updated: 8/30/2012
Author: MadMike Maciolek

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