1970 Camaro, VIN 124870L515967
This build sheet was found during the restoration of another Camaro. If this car is still in existence, I will mail it to the owner. E-mail me with enough information to positively identify it as belonging to your car.

1970 Camaro, VIN 124870L511551
This build sheet was found during the restoration of a 1970 Chevelle. If this is your car, e-mail me with enough information for positive identification.

Build sheets were used in the assembly process so line workers could identify correct parts for each car. Apparently they had multiple copies that accompanied the cars through the assembly process. Some of the workers stuffed them into convenient places to get rid of them. Because of this, not all cars received a copy of the build sheet. The good news is that second generation Camaros seem to have more build sheets than other Chevy cars.

Build sheets are typically found in a few places. Most of my experience has been with LA-built Camaros, and most of the cars I've checked had a copy of the build sheet located in either the lower seat cushion of the drivers seat, or more commonly in the rear seat BACK. You can easily check the front seats by sliding your hand under them from the rear side and feeling for a piece of paper between the seat wires and the foam. If you find one there, the front seats can be easily be removed from the floor for retrieval. The other common location is the rear seat back. First remove the rear seat bottom cushions. They snap out of place by pushing rearward and lifting upward on the front edge. Then you will need to remove the seat back from the car. It is held in place by a couple of bolts at the bottom. Remove these bolts and lift the seat out.

Other places build sheets have been found are behind the door panels, above the headliner, and between the carpet and sound deadener. I have also heard of build sheets being found on top of the gas tank (ex. 1970 LA car).

Good luck. If you find one be sure to check that it belongs to your car. In some cases, build sheets from a car just up or down the assembly line will be found (this includes Chevelles and Monte Carlos).


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