We are an associate bookstore. We at Stegmiller's Second Generation Camaro--in association with, have decided to put together a list of books to satisfy requests for more information (we tried these and like 'em).
The Genuine Camaro White Book 1967-1997
by Michael Antonick

    Production numbers, option prices, color codes, etc.
Camaro Restoration Handbook: Ground-Up or Sectional Restoration Tips and Techniques for 1967 to 1981 Camaros. All Models Included
by Tom Currao, Ron Sessions, and Tim Currao

    Great tips on restoring/rebuilding your Camaro. Step by step rebuild with pictures.
Illustrated Camaro Buyer's Guide
by Michael Antonick

    Second generation Camaro information: does good job on 1970-73, weak on 1974-81.
Chevrolet by the Numbers: The Essential Chevrolet Parts Reference 1970-1975
by Alan L. Colvin

    All of the numbers for 1970-75 Chevrolets.
Turbo Hydra-Matic 350
by Ron Sessions

    How to rebuild and service your TH350.
How to Rebuild Your Small-Block Chevy
by David Vizard

    Teardown information, identification, rebuild information, and much more.
  Chevrolet Small-Block V-8 Interchange Manual
by David Lewis

    Part numbers and small block parts interchangability
  Camaro Muscle Cars, 1966-72
by R.M. Clarke

    Has road tests of the early second generation Camaros.
    Out of print, but often available used.
  1953-1975 Chevrolet: A Book of Numbers

    Many good numbers.
    Out of print, but often available used.
These and many more good books are available from
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