Sport coupe- 		 62,614
Berlinetta coupe-	 20,253
Z28-			 43,272
Total production-	126,139

267-115	L39	DFH

305-150	LG4	DHJ mt
		DHK th
		DHZ mt
		DKB th with smog pump

305-165 LG4	DMA
		DHU th with smog pump

350-175	Z28	D5A mt
		DMA & D5B turbo hydramatic
		DMB Z28 with smog pump/th

1981 brought the end of an era in more than one way. The 1981 was the
last of the second generation Camaros, and the first of the computer
controlled Camaros (debut of CCC, or Computer Command Control). More 
electronics=less horsepower. The Z28 350 was down 15 horsepower to 
175, and worse yet, the 350 was available only with an automatic. All 
4 speed Z28s sold in the US got the 305, a pattern that would go 
years into the third generation Camaro. Automatics received a lock-up 
torque converter which functioned in second and third gears with the 
Z28 and third only for the rest of the Camaro line.

The Computer Command Control monitors six different powertrain 
functions and controls as many as eight engine/transmission 
operations, replacing the California only C-4 system of 1980.  
The CCC has an oxygen sensor system, an electronically controlled
variable-mixture carburetor, a three-way catalytic converter, 
throttle position and coolant sensors, a barometric pressure sensor 
(BARO), a manifold absolute Pressure sensor (MAP), and a check engine 
light on the dash.  It can also be used as a self diagnostic tool by 
tapping into the system.

Canadian optioned Z28s could still be had with the 350 and 4 speed 
combination, and the more relaxed Canadian emissions allowed that 
their 350 engines were not computer controlled like the US engines.  
A 1981 Canadian Z28 is basically a 1980 US Z28.  

1981 OPTIONS						 #MADE
AN6 Adjustable seat back				 16,688
AU3 Power door locks					 24,683
A01 Tinted glass					112,832
A02 Tinted windshield					  1,214	
A26 Export glazing glass				     69
A31 Power Windows                                        38,428 
B3W Prelimenary price information			 20,335
B37 Floor mats (front and rear)				 65,490
B80 Roof drip molding					 57,849
B84 Body side molding					 39,514
B93 Door edge guards					 32,516
CC1 Removable roof panels				 30,445
CD4 Intermittent wipers					 31,982
C49 Rear window defroster-electric			 60,058
C60 Air conditioning					 96,095
D35 Sport mirrors (included with Berlinette & Z28)	 54,317
D36 Inside tilt rear view mirror			     28
D80 Rear spoiler (included with Z28)			 33,101
F41 Performance suspension (included with Z28)	  	  3,604
G80 Positraction 					 12,126
G92 Performance ratio axle				    993
KO5 Engine block heater					  5,203
K35 Cruise control					 35,364
LC3 Engine 229-110hp 2bbl V6				 46,665
LD5 Engine 231-110hp 2bbl V6 (CA cars only)		  5,349
LG4 Engine 305-150hp (165hp with Z28) 4bbl               17,909
LM1 Engine 350-175hp 4bbl (Z28 only) 			 37,400
L39 Engine 267-115hp 2bbl V8				 18,826
MM3 3 speed manual 					  5,599
MM4 4 speed manual					 10,780
MX1 Automatic transmission				109,760
NM5 Canadian emissions					 15,391
NM8 Leaded fuel emissions modifications			    331
N18 Wheel cover locks (Berlinetta)			  4,964
N33 Tilt steering					 69,837
N90 Aluminum wheels					 31,153
PE1 Custom wheel (14x7)					  1,800
PO1 Wheel cover						  3,341
QGR P225-70-15 (included with Z28)			 43,272
QJY P205-75-14 white stripe tires			 63,839
QJZ P205-75-14 tires-blackwall				  2,665
QKL P205-75-14 white letter tires			 16,364
TR9 Auxiliary lighting					 36,433
TT4 Halogen headlamps					  8,715
T70 Export headlamps					    342
T90 Lamps-rear end lighting and reflectors		    111
UA1 Heavy duty battery					 21,504
UM2 AM-FM stereo radio with 8 track			  8,182
UN3 AM-FM stereo radio with cassette			 23,665
UP6 AM-FM stereo with CB & power antenna		    208
U05 Dual horns (included with Berlinetta)		 18,212
U14 Guage package (included with Z28 & Berlinetta)	  4,214
U18 Export speedometer					    654
U35 Clock						  6,740
U58 AM-FM stereo radio					 26,008
U63 AM radio						 25,031
U69 AM-FM radio						  8,264
U75 Power antenna					  7,552
U76 Windshield antenna					 27,674
U80 Rear speaker					  7,667
VP4 Rear end panel delete				    206
VO8 Heavy duty cooling (included with Z28)		  5,248
YF5 California emissions                                  9,911
ZJ7 Rally wheel 					 47,478
Z21 Style trim group					 49,834
Z49 Mandatory Canadian base equipment modifications	 15,417
Z54 Interior decor group				 12,266

Exterior           Z28 Stripe (codes=?)                     Interior
11  White               Charcoal                            15  Silver
16  Silver              Blue                                19  Black
19  Black               Gold                                26  Blue
20  Bright blue         Red                                 63  Beige
21  Light blue          ?                                   64  Camel
29  Dark blue                                               75  Red
51  Bright yellow
54  Gold 				Vinyl Top
57  Orange				11T  White
67  Dark brown				19T  Black
75  Red					29T  Dark blue irid
77  Maroon				36T  Light waxberry irid
84  Charcoal				45T  Light jadestone irid
					63T  Pastel sandstone
					64T  Doeskin
					77T  Dark maple
					85T  Medium slate irid    
(stamped on front of passenger side axle tube)

	Posi		Non-posi
2.41	PS,PV		PJ
2.56	PT		PH
2.73	PU		PA
3.08	PQ,PW		PC
3.23	PX		PD
3.42	PY		PE

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