Sport coupe- 		 68,174
Rally Sport coupe-	 12,015
Berlinetta coupe-	 26,679
Z28-			 45,137
Total production-	152,005

229-115 LC3	CRA 3 speed
		CRC th200C

231-110 LD5	MR,MS

267-120	L39	CPD th350

305-155	LG4	CET 4 speed
		CEJ th350
		CML th
		CEM,CEL th with smog pump

350-190 LM1	CEU 4 speed
Z28		CHA th350

1980 was good news for the Camaro. The Z28 was at 190HP, a jump of
25hp from 1979. Part of the horsepower increase came from the new
Cowl Induction hood, returning to the Camaro the first time since
1969. This time, the hood door was operated by an electric solenoid.
Also, the front fender louvers were revised from the 1978-79 version,
and they, too, were now functional to let heat out of the engine
compartment. New bold 3 color graphics announced the changes. The
Z28 was lowered for better handling. While the 1970 Z28 was the 
performance leader of the second generation, the 1980 Z28 was the
handling leader.

California emission Z28s were only available in 305-165hp automatic 
configurations.  All 1980 Camaros sold in California had the Computer 
Controlled Catalytic Converter System (C-4).  This is a electronically 
controlled exhaust emissions system whose purpose is to maintain the 
ideal air/fuel ratio where the catalytic converter is most effective.  
It also triggers the check engine light when the oxygen sensor needs 
to be changed.  These cars got Rochester Dualjet E2ME and E4ME 

The same basic 350 cam was used 1957-1980.  This is the same cam as 
used in the 300hp 327 and 350.  It has the following specs:

GM #3896929

Lift		Dur. @.050 Lift
Exh. .410	202
Int. .390	195

All 1980 Camaro speedometers were 85mph.

1980 OPTIONS						 #MADE
AN6 Adjustable seat back				 14,605
AU3 Power door locks					 27,484
A01 Tinted glass					130,570
A02 Tinted windshield					  3,557
A26 United Kingdom glazing glass			     56
A31 Power Windows					 44,716
B2H Power brakes delete                                     666
B3W Advance price sheet					 18,315
B37 Floor mats						 81,824
B80 Roof drip molding					 73,349
B84 Body side molding					 56,742
B93 Door edge guards					 42,194
CC1 Removable roof panels				 24,816
CD4 Intermittent wipers					 34,285
C49 Rear window defroster-electric			 78,003
C60 Air conditioning					107,175
D35 Sport mirrors (included with Berlinette & Z28)	 63,572
D36 Inside tilt rear view mirror			    127
D80 Rear spoiler (included with Z28)			 29,820
F41 Performance suspension (included with Z28)	  	 12,721
G80 Positraction 					 17,665
G92 Performance ratio axle				  2,228
J50 Power Brakes					 94,250
KO5 Engine block heater					  7,228
K30 Cruise control					 38,089
LC3 Engine 229-115hp 2bbl V6				 47,839
LD5 Engine 231-110 2bbl V6 (CA only)			  3,265
LG4 Engine 305-155hp 4bbl 				 47,580
LM1 Engine 350-190hp (49 state Z28)			 41,825
L39 Engine 267-120hp 2bbl V8				 11,496
MM3 3 speed manual 					  7,143
MM4 4 speed manual					 12,237
MX1 Automatic transmission				132,625
NA5 Standard emission system				139,886
N33 Tilt steering					 79,514
N65 Stowaway spare (mandatory with T-tops)		 36,799
N90 Aluminum wheels					 26,177
PE1 Custom wheel (14x7)					  3,056
PO1 Bright metal wheel cover				  5,842
QGR P225-70-15 (included with Z28)			 45,137
QJY P205-75-14 white stripe tires			 81,240
QJZ P205-75-14 blackwall tires				  4,410
QKL P205-75-14 white letter tires			 21,218
TR9 Auxiliary lighting					 46,486
T70 Export headlamps					  1,132
T90 Lamps-rear end lighting and reflectors		    277
UA1 Heavy duty battery					 29,163
UM1 AM radio with stereo 8 track			  1,746
UM2 AM-FM stereo radio with 8 track			 18,196
UN3 AM-FM stereo radio with cassette			 15,396
UP5 AM-FM mono with CB and power antenna		     49
UP6 AM-FM stereo with CB & power antenna		    491
UY8 AM-FM stereo with clock				    307
U05 Dual horns (incl. Berlinetta)			 22,339
U14 Guage package (included with Z28 & Berlinetta)	  9,209
U18 Export speedometer					  2,155
U35 Clock						  9,513
U58 AM-FM stereo radio					 21,731
U63 AM radio						 37,388
U69 AM-FM radio						 15,400
U75 Power antenna					  9,343
U76 Windshield antenna					 31,560
U80 Rear speaker					 11,936
VE1 Japanese modifications				    175
VO8 Heavy duty cooling (included with Z28)		  7,343
V92 Inflator stowaway spare delete			  1,231
YF5 California emissions                                 12,119
ZJ7 Rally wheel 					 55,232
Z21 Style trim group					 59,016
Z49 Mandatory Canadian base equipment modifications	 24,693
Z54 Interior decor group				 13,729

Exterior            Z28 Stripe                    Interior
11  White           12A  Silver                   02,06,12,14  Oyster
15  Silver          18A  Charcoal                 17,19,03     Black
19  Black           26A  Blue                     23,26        Blue
24  Bright Blue     42A  Green                    62,63        Beige
29  Dark blue       55A  Gold                     73,74        Carmine
40  Lime green      74A  Red
51  Bright yellow   78A  Orange			  Vinyl Top
57  Gold 					  11T  White
67  Dark brown					  19T  Black
72  Red						  21T  Light blue poly
76  Dark claret					  44T  Dark green 
79  Red orange					  63T  Camel poly 
80  Bronze 				 	  76T  Dark claret
84  Charcoal					  85T  Gray

(stamped on front of passenger side axle tube)

	Posi		Non-posi
2.56	2PT		2PH
2.73	2PU		2PA
3.08	2PW		2PC
3.42	2PY		2PE

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