Sport coupe- 		131,717
Z28 sport coupe- 	 14,349
Type LT coupe- 		 72,787
Total production-	218,853

250-105	L22	CCC,CCD,CCF,CJA,C8Y		

305-145	LG3	CPA mt
		CPY th350

350-170 LM-1	CKH,CKM th
		CKS mt

1977 was a wakeup year for Chevrolet. In April, the Z28 returned.
Perhaps Chevy finally saw the success of the Trans Am and wanted
back into the game.  The Z28 had a wide multi-color hood decal, 
wheel opening, body sill, and rear spoiler accent stripes available 
in four different colors.  The bumpers were now painted to match the 
car as were the wheels which got a new centercap emblem.  Click 
here for a scan of some 1977 Z28 factory literature.  

With the Z28, came the Borg Warner 4 speed. California emission Z28s 
were not available with manual transmissions.

1977 OPTIONS						 #MADE
AK1 Belts, color keyed					 64,923
AN6 Adjustable seat back				 12,528
AU3 Power locks						 20,173
A01 Tinted glass on all windows				181,982
A02 Tinted windshield only				  4,475
A31 Power Windows                                        31,028
B37 Floor mats front and rear				 86,144
B80 Roof drip moldings					 66,021
B84 Body side molding					133,738
B93 Door edge guard					 59,100
CD4 Intermittent wipers					 16,190
C24 Hideaway wipers					 16,190
C50 Rear window defroster				 73,242
C60 Air conditioning					144,767
D35 Sport mirrors					109,520
D55 Center floor console				207,926
D80 Front & rear spoiler				 46,103
F41 Performance suspension			  	 27,079
G80 Positraction					 18,095
G92 High altitude rear axle				    750
J50 Power brakes					193,889
K05 Engine block heater					  4,851
K30 Cruise control					 25,100
LG3 Engine 305-145hp 2bbl V8				147,173
LM1 Engine 350-170hp 4bbl V8				 40,291
L22 Engine 250-105hp 1bbl I6				 31,389
M15 3 speed						  8,810
M20 4 speed 						  8,423
M21 4 speed-Z28 (Borg Warner)				  5,114
M40 Turbo hydramatic					196,507
NA6 High Alt. emission					  4,374
N33 Tilt steering					 77,491
N65 Space saver spare					 22,643
PE1 Turbine wheel					 20,015
PO1 Wheel cover						 21,444
QBT FR78-14 tires white letter				 34,928
QDV FR78-14 tires blackwall				 13,263
QDW FR78-14 white stripe tires				142,141
QEG E78-14 tires blackwall				  2,511
QEH E78-14 tires white stripe				 11,656
QRZ GR70-15 radial tires white letter			 14,350
T59 Conventional battery				 17,972
UA1 Heavy duty battery					 14,607
UM1 AM radio with stereo tape				 12,881
UM2 AM-FM radio with stereo tape			 17,353
U05 Dual horns						 16,653
U14 Special instrumentation (guage package)		 12,877
U35 Clock						 26,340
U58 AM-FM stereo radio					 21,128
U63 AM radio						 68,795
U69 AM-FM radio						 33,166
U76 Windshield antenna (included with radios)		 58,293
U80 Rear seat speaker					 27,430
V01 Heavy duty radiator					 17,720
V30 Bumper guards					 49,576
YF5 Calif. emission                                      24,088
ZJ7 Rally wheel 					 87,481
ZJ9 Auxiliary lighting (ash,hood,trunk,glove,courtesy)	 42,837
Z21 Style trim group					 93,706
Z49 Mandatory Canadian base equipment modifications	 18,433
Z54 Interior decor group				 25,328
Z85 Rally Sport						 17,026

Exterior                   	Interior
11  Antique white               18,19 Black
13  Silver              	11    White w/black
19  Black                      	02    White w/blue
22  Light blue                  24    Blue
29  Dark blue                  	17,72 Firethorn w/black
36  Firethorn                   71    Firethorn
38  Aqua                        62    Buckskin w/black
44  Medium green                03    White w/aqua
51  Bright yellow               07    White w/firethorn
61  Light buckskin              06    White w/saddle
63  Buckskin                    64    Buckskin w/saddle
69  Brown                    
75  Light red    Z28 Stripe (codes=?)      	  Vinyl Top
78  Orange	 91A red, red-orange       	  11T  White
		     yellow-orange,orange-yellow  13T  Silver
		     Brown, yellow-orange	  19T  Black
		       (w/Lt. gold Z28)	          22T  Light blue
		     Brown, yellow-orange	  36T  Firethorn
		       (w/Dk. gold Z28)	    	  44T  Medium green
					          61T  Light buckskin
(stamped on front of passenger side axle tube)

	Posi		Non-posi

2.56	PT		PH
2.73	PU,2PU		PA,2PA
3.08	PW,PC,2PC	2PW
3.42	2PY		2PE
3.73	2PZ		2PF

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