6 cylinder coupe- 3,614
8 cylinder coupe-60,810
Type LT coupe V8-32,327
Total production-96,751

250-100-I6	CCA auto
		CCC mt
		CCB-at, (California emissions)
		CCD-mt, (California emissions)

307-115		CHB mt
		CHJ mt, (California emissions)
		CHH at
		CHK at, (California emissions)

350-145	L65	CKA mt
		CKW th350
		CKX th350, (California emissions)

350-175 L48	CKU th350
		CKB mt
		CKB mt, (California emissions)
		CKD th350, (California emissions)

350-245	Z28	CLJ 4 speed
		CLK turbo hydramatic
		CLL th, (California emissions)
		CLM 4 speed, (California emissions)

1973 brought more loss in horsepower and the beginning of the move
of the Camaro away from a performance car and more toward a luxury
car. The Camaro lost one performance option (SS), and gained an
appearance option (Type LT)

Like 1972, all Camaros were produced at the Norwood plant.

Increasingly stringent bumper standards forced the addition of
bumper guards on non RS cars, and the addition of additional
bracing and internal structure inside the RS nose.

The Z28 lost its solid lifter cam, Holley carb., and aluminum
intake. This was the second year of the foil Z28 emblem on the 
rear spoiler which replaced the metal unit.  It appears that the 
1973 Z28 rear bumper did not get the mini chrome bumper guards 
as did 1970-1972.  

The interior center console design changed; this design was 
used for the remainder of the second generation.

1973 OPTIONS						 #MADE
AK1 Belts, color keyed					  7,700
AN6 Adjustable seat back				  6,571
A01 Tinted glass on all windows				 68,254
A02 Tinted windshield only				  1,452
A31 Power Windows					    217
B37 Floor mats						 25,749
B84 Body side molding					 30,503
B93 Door edge guards					 30,046
C08 Vinyl roof						 31,339
C24 Hideaway wipers					  9,906
C50 Rear window defroster				 17,184
C60 Air conditioning					 49,504
D34 Vanity mirror					  6,285
D35 Sport mirrors					 23,657
D55 Center floor console				 78,616
D80 Front & rear spoiler				 15,622
F41 Performance suspension (included with Z28)	  	  8,322
G80 Positraction (included with Z28)			  7,190
J50 Power brakes (included with Z28)			 73,913
K05 Engine block heater					    470
L48 Engine 350-175hp 4bbl V8				 13,220
L65 Engine 350-145hp 2bbl V8				 50,262
M20 4 speed (Includes Muncie & Saginaw)			  6,894
M21 4 speed close ratio					  4,494
M38 Turbo 350						 73,937
M40 Turbo 400						  5,467
N33 Tilt steering					 13,177
N40 Variable ratio power steering			 64,424
N65 Space saver spare					  1,314
N95 Wheel covers					    572
PE1 Turbine wheel					  1,592
PO1 Wheel cover						 25,345
QEH E78-14 tires					 28,943
QFC F70-14 white stripe tires				 26,272
QFD F70-14 white letter tires				 20,654
T60 Heavy duty battery					  7,746
U14 Special instrumentation (guage package)		 10,335
U35 Clock						  6,059
U63 AM radio						 62,137
U69 AM-FM radio						 25,356
U76 Windshield antenna (for cars w/out radio)		    379
U80 Rear seat speaker					 33,174
V01 Heavy duty radiator (included with Z28)		  3,802
YA7 California emissions				 11,720
YD1 Trailering axle ratio 				    232
ZJ4 Trailer towing package				     28
ZJ7 Rally wheel 14x7					 20,011
ZJ9 Auxiliary lighting (ash,hood,trunk,glove,courtesy)	 12,909
Z21 Style trim group					 35,930
Z22 Rally Sport						 16,133
Z28 Special performance package				 11,574
Z54 Interior decor group				 25,217

Exterior	    Interior			 Vinyl Top
11  Antique white   775  Black-standard          A  White 
24  Light blue      776  Black w/white-standard  B  Black
26  Dark blue       777  Green-standard          D  Medium blue
29  Midnight blue   779  Neutral-standard        F  Medium chamois
42  Dark green      778  Saddle-standard         G  Medium green
44  Light green     780  Chamois-standard        H  Red
46  Green-gold      773  Black-vinyl, LT         T  Light neutral
48  Midnight green  786  Black w/ blue-cloth, LT
51  Light yellow    781  Black w/ green-cloth, LT
56  Chamois         788  Neutral-vinyl, LT
60  Light copper    785  Black w/ white-cloth, LT
64  Silver          774  Black w/ blue-standard
68  Dark brown
74  Dark red         
75  Medium red
97  Medium orange

(stamped on front of passenger side axle tube)

	Posi		Non-posi
2.73	CA		GZ
3.08	GY		GX
3.42	CM		CL
3.73	CG		
4.10	CB

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