6 cylinder coupe- 4,821
8 cylinder coupe-63,830
Total production-68,651

250-110-I6	CBJ auto
		CBG mt
		CDL-at with smog pump
		CDM-mt with smog pump
		CSD-at, (California emissions)
		CBA-mt, (California emissions)

307-130		CKG mt
		CKH pg
		CKT th350

350-165	L65	CKA mt
		CTL th350
		CRG mt with smog pump
		CRD th350 with smog pump
		CMH mt, (California emissions)
		CMB th350, (California emissions)

350-200 L48	CKD th350
(SS350)		CKK 4 speed
		CDG 4 speed, (California emissions)
		CDD th350, (California emissions)

350-255	Z28	CKS 4 speed
		CKT turbo hydramatic

402-240	LS3	CLA 4 speed
(SS396)		CLB turbo hydramatic
		CTA 4 speed with smog pump
		CTB at with smog pump

For 1972, horsepower continued to decline, but the figures published
for 1972 were net ratings, compared to gross HP ratings used in 
earlier years, so the horsepower loss was less than it appeared.

A UAW strike stopped production of the 1972 from April 1972 until the
end of the production year. About 1100 unfinished cars still on the 
line were scrapped when the production year ended. All 1972 camaros
were produced at the Norwood plant.

Appearance changes included a coarser egg crate grille for the non
RS cars and some interior changes such as the addition of door panel 
map pockets. The rear spoiler Z28 emblem became a foil unit. 
Speedometers were now 130mph. 1972 would be the last of the big block 

1972 OPTIONS						 #MADE
AK1 Belts, Custom Deluxe				  8,475
AN6 Adjustable seat back				  2,087
A01 Tinted glass on all windows				 44,155
A02 Tinted windshield only				    533
B37 Floor mats						 15,725
B93 Door edge guards					 21,452
C08 Vinyl roof						 23,918
C24 Hideaway wipers (included with SS & RS)		 21,587
C50 Rear window defroster				  7,018
C60 Air conditioning					 31,738
D34 Vanity mirror					  3,931
D35 Remote LH mirror (included with SS & Z28)            28,965
D55 Center floor console				 49,845
D80 Front & rear spoiler				  5,954
F41 Performance suspension (included with Z28 & SS396)	  7,133
G80 Positraction (included with Z28)			  7,643
J50 Power brakes (included with SS & Z28)		 29,271
LS3 Engine 396-240hp (SS)				    978
L48 Engine 350-200hp (included with SS)			  5,584
L65 Engine 350-165hp 2bbl V8				 27,009
M20 4 speed (Includes Muncie & Saginaw)			  4,127
M21 4 speed close ratio					    942
M22 4 speed "rock crusher"				    767
M35 Powerglide trans					  4,462
M38 Turbo 350						 50,762
M40 Turbo 400						  1,544
NK4 4 spoke steering wheel				  5,758
N33 Tilt steering					  3,706
N40 Variable ratio power steering			 59,854
PL3 E78-14 tires					 28,384
PL4 F70-14 white letter tires (included with SS)	 16,342
PM7 F60-15 white letter tires (Z28)			  2,575
PY4 F70-14 white stripe tires				 16,581
P01 Wheel covers					 27,708
P02 Special wheel covers				    824
T60 Heavy duty battery					  3,448
U14 Special instrumentation (gauge package)		  8,608
U35 Clock						  7,403
U63 AM radio						 54,271
U69 AM-FM radio						 10,404
U76 Windshield antenna (included with radio)		 67,519
U80 Rear seat speaker					 15,889
VF3 Deluxe bumpers 					  2,449
V01 Heavy duty radiator (included with Z28)		  3,057
YD1 Trailering axle ratio				    165
YF5 California emissions				  8,124
ZJ7 Rally wheel 14x7					 27,804
ZJ9 Auxiliary lighting (ash,hood,trunk,glove,courtesy)	  5,309
ZQ9 Performance ratio axle (Z28 only)			    652
Z21 Style trim group					 22,477
Z22 Rally Sport						 11,364
Z23 Interior accent group				 18,064
Z27 Super Sport						  6,562
Z28 Special performance package				  2,575
Z49 Mandatory Canadian base equipment modifications	  2,110
Z87 Custom interior					  6,462

Exterior	    Interior	               Vinyl Top
11  Antique white   775  Black-standard        B  Black
14  Pewter silver   776  Blue-standard         D  Medium blue
24  Ascot blue      777  Green-standard        F  Medium tan
26  Mulsanne blue   779  Light tan-standard    G  Medium green
36  Spring green    778  Tan-standard          J  White
43  Gulf green      780  White-standard        T  Light covert
48  Sequoia green   785  Black-custom
50  Covert tan      786  Black w/ blue-custom
53  Placer gold     787  Black w/ green-custom
56  Cream yellow    788  Black w/ light tan-custom
57  Golden brown     
63  Mohave gold      
65  Flame orange
68  Midnight bronze  
75  Cranberry red

(stamped on front of passenger side axle tube)

	Posi		Non-posi
2.73	CA		GZ
3.08	GY		GX
3.42	CJ		CL
3.73	CG		
4.10	CB	

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