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1973 Type LT Camaro cloth and vinyl interior The interior of your car gets a lot of attention because you and your passengers can sit there and look around while your driving and spot all the screwed up spots. Over time, the various portions of your interior will deteriorate for many reasons. * General wear and tear * Sunfading...

Due to the vast amounts of components that make up the interior of your Camaro, these sections are broken down into subsections.

Interior subsections:

[ Console | Carpet & Floor | Dashboard | Gauges | Door Panels | Seats | Air Conditioning ]
[ Headliner & Trim | Trunk Parts | Steering Column | Pedal Assemblies
Replacing heater core | Painting Interior Trim ]

How to determine what interior trim your car originally came with.

Cowl Tag example (1971 Z28 shown)

The trick to decoding your interior is on the cowl tag. This tag is located on your cowl (firewall), behind the brake booster. Using the above example, you'll see a number (775) next to the "TR" label, which stands for TRIM. 775 is the interior trim code. You can also tell this is a 1971 Camaro (ST 71). So knowing this, you can go to the 1971 Camaro information and see that code 775 stands for standard black vinyl interior.

Use the above drop down box to jump to your year Camaro and determine your trim code, see a fabric color sample and obtain other information pertaining to your interior.

Click here to get general trim tag decoding information.

General Diagrams, Pictures & Information

Can you do this job little by little?
I suppose as long as you have the drivers seat & steering wheel installed in your car, you can use the car if you need to. You can perform the interior restoration over a period of time, or you can have everything available to restore the interior in a weekend (dont plan on finishing though). I found it helps to break the interior down into zones or sections and focus on them in a logical order.

Component Sections
Roof - The roof consists of the headliner, and associated trim. Sunvisors, dome light, molding.
Door - The door panels, internal door mechanisms & glass.
Floor - Carpet, underlay, console, door sills, seats & belts.
Dash area - dashboard, gauges, wiring, steering column.

Click on the above menu subsection links to get detailed information for the specific section you'll be focusing on.

Where to get parts?
Hopefully you'll be able to re-use most of the parts that came with your car, but some items will be broken or need to be replaced.

There are a variety of catalog vendors of restoration parts including: Classic Industires, Year One, NPD, etc. You can also use the club swapmeet to find these parts.

Resources - The Fisher Body manual for your year car is invaluable in getting specifics on working with the various parts of your interior. The point of this article is to elaborate on my personal experience & opinions above and beyond what the body manual states. Sometimes "things don't work according to plan".

Trunk Parts

Parts include - splater spray, spare tire stuff....
Links to related sections (wiring harnesses, tail lights, etc...)

Tech Blurb, installation & usage place holder

Other sections, dealt with elsewhere.
Air Conditioning

Last updated: 10/20/2011
Author: MadMike Maciolek

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