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1980 Z28 with hood solenoid door kickdown 1970 Z28 with unique floor mounted gas pedal

Above left: 1980 Z28 with hood scoop solenoid switch above throttle arm.
Right: UNIQUE TO 1970 - 1972 Z28 throttle pedal.

The 1970 to 1971 (or 1972) Z28 uses a UNIQUE throttle pedal. It is hinged off the floor via a bracket that's bolted to the floor pan. The pedal snaps into the bracket and presses the throttle arm rod hinged off the firewall.

All other Camaros got a throttle pedal that was hinged off the firewall. The standard pedal is hinged off the firewall with the steel rod pivoting inside a plastic retainer.

The throttle pedal regardless of style is hard plastic. All throttle pedals activate a throttle cable.

Pedal pad accenting trim Some pedals have accenting trim. This is a stainless accent with tabs that are bent over the pedal pad. I'm not exactly sure what option package this is part of - custom interior, or interior decor....

TH400 kickdown These seem simple, but they wear out and break (or brake?) too.

Brake Pedal
Two styles of brake pedals were used - 1 for an automatic transmission and 1 for a manual transmission. If the car is an automatic, it'll have a wide pedal, whereas obviously for a manual transmission with the clutch pedal... the brake pedal will be smaller.

Clutch Pedal (if equipped)

Major Assemblies (see below pictures)
Accelerator Pedal

Pedals FAQ
Hey, howbout a section on upgrading from std. brakes to power brakes?

What breaks? and reconditioning pedals
Rubber pads just fold over steel plate.
Brake (& clutch) are hinged off a bracket under the dash. There is a plastic bushing inside which can wear out. The pedal assembly is attached to the brake pushrod via a clip. Remove this clip and undo the pivot bolt and you can remove the pedal assembly for closer inspection.

The Accelerator pedal is hung from the throttle arm rod via a pin & an interlocked spring. The spring allows the pedal to pivot freely while not flopping around. The press fit pin keeps the pedal secure to the rod.

Related Components
Clutch Linkage
Parking brake
Exploded diagram of Clutch Linkage , Photo of Clutch Linkage


Last updated: 10/4/2012
Author: MadMike Maciolek

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