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A wide variety of door panels were available on the Second Generation Camaro. You can identify what panels you have by comparing them to the pictures below. There were two types of panels available per year - a basic standard door panel, and an optional Custom (or deluxe) door panel if the car was ordered with the custom interior. The Type LT and Berlinetta Camaros came with the custom interior as standard equipment.

Door Panel Identification

1970 - 71 Standard Door Panel

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1970 - 71 Custom Door Panel

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1972 - 1975 Standard Door Panel

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1976 - 1977 Standard Door Panel

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1972 - 73 Custom Door Panel

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1974 - 1977 Custom (or Type LT) Door Panel

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1978 - 81 Standard Door Panel

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1978 - 81 Custom Door Panel

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Buying replacement door panels & parts
The "door panel" is just the vinyl door panel. There will be no "hard parts", since these are available separately or can often be reused. This would include the hard plastic cap and lower plastic change bin (or dust collector), hockey stick arm rest, window crank, etc....

You may often hear about assembled and unassembled door panels. Assembled panels are complete and ready to install, whereas unassembled door panels will require you to take some of the trim, the inner weatherstrip and upper plastic from your old door panel and re-use it. If any of that stuff is broken you'll want to order assembled door panels.

Early style (1970 - 73) Custom door panels are currently unobtainium. When you find them, they're priced accordingly. If you currently have a set of custom door panels in poor shape, often your only option is to replace them with a better set or have your current panels refurbished at an upholstery shop or send it off to Just Dashes. Another option is to simply put the standard panel on for now. THE ONLY PROBLEM WITH THIS is the window regulators are different between a standard and a custom door.

Most hard vinyl replacement parts come in black. You can dye these panels using this procedure.
One thing to note: The change bin/map pocket lower door panel is not available new. And the 1970/71 vinyl arm rest pad that's available is 100% crap. You can repair your old armrest pad for around $25 if you read the procedure on this sites message board.

Diagrams, how-to's....

Door panel Assembly
Template for cutting remote mirror and door handle opening....

Inner door differences
Door Handles
Two types, 1970 - 74 are bolted to the door with 2 bolts and use a thin vinyl snap on eschuteon cover.
1975 - 1981 are pop rivited onto the door. The eschuteon cover is a plastic cover which screws to the door latch.

The door handles are physically different, but are located in the same location.

Removing the door panels
Removing the window crank: Requires a special tool, obtainable at most autoparts stores for $5. It's designed to catch the clip that holds the handle onto the window regulator, and you can push the clip off the handle. Once the clip is off the handle, the handle slides off.
The trick to getting the clip is:

Door lock knobs simply screw on/off.

Related Components
Door panel trim & hardware- molding, door locks, door handles, clips.... Hard parts are the upper and lower plastic.

Last updated: 11/10/2011
Author: MadMike Maciolek

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