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Camaro dashes come in a couple styles, 1970 - 1978, in either A/C or non-AC styles. 1979 - 1981 dashes are different from the earlier style, and they'll fit either a/c or non-a/c. Camaro dashes are notorious for warping right in front of the passenger side. The dashes get brittle and crack.

Groovy 1974 Type LT Dash

While you may be able to repair your old dash with a dash cap, it's often more practical to replace the dash with a new one, however this is not an option for the 1979 - 81 style dash since it's not being reproduced yet.

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Dashboard Parts - Exploded Diagrams

click here to view 70 - 78 dashboard
1970 - 78 Dashboard
click here to view 1979 - 81 Dashboard
1979 - 81 Dashboard

Related dash components: Instrument Cluster | A/C vents | glove box | Environmental controls (Heater & A/C)

Dashboard Tech Tips
Removing the dashboard.
Tricks. If the car has A/C....

What a freekin mess

Other common problems are: Busted vents, custom enlarged radios get installed, busted guages & lighting.

Quality guage repair and restoration

Instrumentation & Gauges

General Instrumentation Information
The standard instrumentation in the Camaro consisted of "tell-tale" gauges comprised of a speedometer on the left, and a gas guage in the right center. The outer gauge pods are fitted with warning lights for oil, volts & temp. In 1975 the fuel gauge has an "unleaded fuel only" added to it.

U14 is the optional special instrumentation, it includes speedometer and tachometer, and smaller temperature, ammeter (voltmeter began in 1976) and clock gauges in main panel.

U14 WAS standard equipment on the Z28 in 1970 - 1972 and again from 1977 - 1981 in the Z28. It was also standard equipment on the Type LT and the Berlinetta It was NOT STANDARD in the SS, it was optional. It was also optional on the sport coupe, usually requiring a V8 engine until the mid 70's.

Click here to view U14 gauge cluster (high RPM style from Z28) full size

The gauges are driven by a circuit board. U14 gauges use a different circuit board than the standard guages. To tell the 2 boards apart is easy.... the standard circuit board has lightbulb sockets where tell-tale gauges go. U14 circuit boards will have provisions for the gauge sensors to screw into the circuit board (with round copper contacts where gauges would be placed).

If you look at the circuit board, the black plastic plugs are the lightbulb sockets.

Major Components: gauge cluster | gauge carrier | circuit board

Speedometer & Tachometer Info
The hot ticket is the 150 MPH speedo found in ANY 1970 & 1971 Camaro. This was NOT a "Z28" or SS only option. Beginning in 1972 and carried on to 1979 the top speed is 130. Beginning in 1980, the federal government figured if the speedometer only went up to 85MPH, people wouldn't speed.
In 1976 (or 75) Kph grading was added underneath the primary MPH grading on the speedometer. Metric speedometers were installed in exported cars.

A high redline tachometer indicated the guage was originally intended for use in a high performance (solid lifter) engine. Hint: - think Z28 or SS / pre-1973. The 8000 RPM tach was used exclusively in the 1970 - 72 Z28's and solid-lifter SS engines, with the majority of regular tachs maxing out at 7000 rpm.

Year Model/Engine Yellow-line Red-Line Part #/Code Speedometer
1970 - 71 Camaro 4600 - 5000 5000 - 7000   150
1972 - 78 Camaro 4600 - 5000 5000 - 7000   130
1970 - 71 Camaro Z28 5600 - 6500 6500 - 8000   150
1970 Camaro L78 5700 - 6500 6500 - 7000   150
1972 Camaro SS396 5250 - 5500 5500 - 7000 5657048 130
1973 - 74 Camaro Z28 5600 - 6000 6000 - 7000   130
1977 Camaro Z28 4600 - 5000 5000 - 7000   130
1980 Camaro Z28 4600 - 5000 5000 - 7000   85

Info from "Bob"

Removing the instrument cluster
Remove the instrument cluster carrier. There's 4 screws that hold this onto the dashboard. When you try and remove this, the headlight switch and the wiper switch, and the cigarette lighter may cause some interferance. Once this plate is off, the gauge cluster is readily accessible.

Worm gear clamp "quick fix"

Fixing squeeking cables/misreading speedos

Related Components
Dashboards, Electrical stuff Transmission (speedometer gear).

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