Throwout Bearing


The throwout  bearing that was used was GM part number 908244. But the part number is not available from GM

and there was no new number change up on GM's computer.

This was used in many 4 speed cars besides the Camaro. The Camaro started using it in 1967.

I happened to come across a new part number on the web located on a Vette Forum. I went back to GM Parts and

gave them 15680264 and ordered the TO bearing. The difference is slight especially what other Companies are

doing which is placing a pin in the slot of the bearing where the clutch fork inserts so that rear piece does not fully turn

and only the front of the bearing turns that is on the pressure plate side.

I emailed the Operations Manager at the GM Dealer I deal with and asked him to get in contact with GM and have

the change up part number 15680264 added to 908244 so that when you go and ask for part number 908244, then

15680264 will show up.


Click on thumbnails below for a larger view.


908244 (NDH  CT24AGX1)


15680264 (CT24AG)


908244 and 15680264


15680264 mounted on fork

Note orientation of the hump. It really doesn't matter what side it goes on but this is the way my Hays self aligning TO bearing

was installed in the fork and many choose this position.