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Air Breather
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Updated: Oct 26, 2014 Added more 1st gen pics





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AC A212CW Air Filter




The originals had a square mesh then later GM came out with the diamond mesh as shown here which I still own.

They call this a 14" x 3" filter even though it's not really 14" in diameter.



Compare 14" x 3" NAPA Gold 2095 vs ACDelco A212CW


AC Delco A212CW in a GM open element breather



NAPA 2095


Air Filter Bottom I.D. (Inches) : 11.625"
Air Filter Bottom I.D. (mm) : 295 mm
Air Filter Bottom O.D. (Inches) : 13.875"
Air Filter Bottom O.D. (mm) : 352 mm
Air Filter Height (Inches) : 3.087"
Air Filter Height (mm) : 78 mm
Air Filter Top I.D. (Inches) : 11.62"
Air Filter Top I.D. (mm) : 295 mm
Air Filter Top O.D. (Inches) : 13.87"
Air Filter Top O.D. (mm) : 352 mm
Air Filter Style : Air Filter

Side by side (AC on the left)

I notice that the black rubber is a hair thicker on the NAPA 2095. Otherwise they've nailed it right on spec.

Also it seems there are more filter webs in the NAPA.



1st and 2nd Gen Underside Comparison


Base is 14-3/16 in dia.

Lid is 14-1/4" in dia