Welcome to Todd's Pro Touring 1980 Z28 Website.

I've owned this car since the Spring of '91. I purchased it from the 2nd owner in Virginia Beach (original owner was from NC, according to him). I bought it with 28,800 miles on it, and the car was spotless. It has mostly stayed that way, except for the normal wear-and-tear that occurs when you drive a car everyday for several years. The paint is beginning to fade a little (I lost my garage spot for two years- the "Sea Doo" years), but overall the car looks very clean. The interior is nearly spotless for a 28-year old car.

The majority of the modifications (engine, trans swap) were done in the Spring of '95. Absolutely everything put on this car (except the current Master Cylinder) was New. NOTHING reman/rebuilt/used was put on this car. The transmission was purchased new, in a crate, from Sallee Chevrolet, and shipped to me. It was the expensive way to do things, but it was the right way. I have all receipts from this >$10,000 undertaking (that was for all parts, not just the trans conversion).

The car has always been a work-in-progress, and I've always had grand visions of trucking it to Nevada for the Silver State Open Road Race (do they even still do that?). It's perfectly capable, driveable, and complete as-is, but I wanted to add a few more things, I suppose to amuse myself and further drain my wallet. It'll be around, so I'll get to it eventually.

I hope you enjoy the site, and find the information useful.





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