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  1. 69rsx33

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    Dec 29, 2007

    What do the two numbers following the decimal point after Z28 on a 1970 trim tag mean? I have seen z28.18 and z28.19 and z28.10.

    Second Question:

    I looked in Chev. By The Numbers and did not see the manufacturing plant listed for the LOS abbreviation on a certain Camaro trim tag that I am looking at. I know that in 69 Camaros were made in Van Nuys CA and the tim tags either had LOS or VN on them for that plant. I dont know why Alan Colvin does not have LOS listed as a CA plant in his book. The Camaro I am looking at is a good original piece. The trim tag is original---I think it is original.

    Does anyone else out there have a 1970 Camaro with a LOS on their trim tag?

  2. old zeder

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    Feb 21, 2007
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    My 71 only has the " L " on the cowl tag
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    The numbers following the Z28 code indicate the color of the stripes on the car. I forget which one stands for black or white, and I have never seen any with the .18 code only the .10 and .19. The 2nd gen cars built at Van Nuys used the "L" code as opposed to the Norwood cars with the "N" in their VIN.
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  5. 69rsx33

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    Dec 29, 2007
  6. m pozzi

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    My '68 SS was built in Van Nuys, CA (LOS stamping) but both of my early second-gens were Norwood, OH built cars.

    Mary Pozzi

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