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    need clarification for rear stripe on a 1970 3 piece spoiler, I have seen the stripe painted down to the bottom of the spoiler then i've seen another stripe stop before the bottom and has rounded corners, which one is correct ?? Is a California car differ from a Ohio production car. ?? tnx.
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    Yes and both their dimensions are in the assembly manual.
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    70-72 Z28s has the stripes straight down. 73s curve around
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    I'm not up to speed on the differences in the Z28 stripes on the rear spoiler but there were some variations. If you want to be 100% correct I would ask the question over in the original drivetrain forum.
    The 1970 assembly manual won't show the stripes for a 3 piece spoiler as it wasn't an option in 70 unless the car was a copo order. The 3 piece copo spoiler didn't become available until the end of May.
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    I have seen so-called 100 point restos where the stripes were painted on the trunk, then the spoiler was bolted down, then the stripes were added to the spoiler. These had the stripes straight down, and I believe they were 70 only.
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    Z28 RS stripes

    Copo our car is going to paint monday its a norwood car built march 70 z28.19 the car when bought by my son 35 years ago came with 3 piece spoiler we assume fro the factory. The stripes on the car had the curved corners which we asumed was factory. We are keeping this car as oringal as possible and is a complete resto so we would really like to put it oringal. Also whatr is the best way to install these stripes do we need to buy a stencil kit if so which one? Gary
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    Cars that had the 1 piece rear spoiler Dealer installed had the stripes on the trunk lid from end to end. It's like ordering a camaro without a rear spoiler and then ordering one from the parts counter and adding it. If the car came from the factory striped and ordered with a rear spoiler then the stripe will end under the spoiler and will NOT be visible at the bottom portion of the lid.
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    Kits - http://www.camarocentral.com/CAMARO_STENCILES_STRIPES_s/33000.htm

    Not sure who is the best Vender. The 70 never came with curved corner rear spoiler stripes. If it did then it's an incorrect repaint.

    From the 70 assembly manual for Norwood rear spoilers (low one shown here) - http://www.nastyz28.com/~copo/images/stripes_rear_dim.jpg

    Front - http://www.nastyz28.com/~copo/images/stripes_hood_dim.jpg

    Here is a 70 RS Z28 I was going to buy in 1975.

    Here's another 70 Z28 (owner Randy Mitchell) sold it and is a member on the sYc Forum.

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    I don't know how crazy you are going as far as originality, but I don't think the three piece spoiler was available til after April or May. I'm sure one of the experts will chime in.
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