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  1. trmnatr

    trmnatr Veteran Member

    Apr 22, 2009
    400 we ran a while back, here is a quote where I posted the specs

  2. trmnatr

    trmnatr Veteran Member

    Apr 22, 2009
    The suspension has now been set up and has this engine,,,
    - 327 Small Block .060" over, fully modified block and filled with Hardblok
    - Bryant 4340 Billet 40 pound crank, knife edged with small rod journals
    - GRP aluminum rods
    - Ross custom pistons, cut for .031" ring pack with 1/16" second and ultra low oil ring tension
    - Custom ported iron heads with Ferrea hollow stem valves and NexTek springs with titanium retainers
    - Crane shaft rockers with 1.65" BBC pivot length, high ratios
    - 7/16" pushrod's
    - Solid Roller Camshaft ~ .800"+ lift
    - Jesel Belt Drive
    - Tunnel Ram with two carburetor's but also have fully ported single plane to match heads with Pro Systems XE1100 Domintor
    - Vacuum Pump
  3. fuzzy dice

    fuzzy dice Veteran Member

    Apr 16, 2008
    Deltona, Fl.
    Year weight
    1981 Camaro
    3750 # with me in it
    Small tire..28x10.5x15

    Dyno numbers
    None yet

    BBC 454 bored 40 to month old
    Forged top and bottom..full roller motor
    305 Aluminum heads
    .714 lift Comp Cam
    Studded and Girdled

    FTI Glide with brake and 1.80 straight cuts
    FTI 8" billet converter..5000 stall
    Quarter Stick w/ Shifnoid

    12 bolt with full spool and 4:30 gears
    Moser 33 spline Axles with C clip eliminators

    Stock leafs..3-way shocks..Southside Machine Bars
    Moroso Trick Springs
    Sub Frame Connectors

    So far in 3500 DA
    60' 1.50
    330' 4.50
    660' 7.04 @ 95.6
    Not enough tire and too much gear to run the 1/4
  4. Flextrainer

    Flextrainer Veteran Member

    Sep 13, 2012
    Knoxville, tn
    Year weight
    1978 3659
    Dyno numbers
    None yet

    396 sbc. Not in sheet. Heads cnc'd to 206 cc intake runner smallest was 198 biggest 201, pretty good. Bob weight lighter than stock 350.

    1-5/8 into 2-1/2" with x Dynomaxes.
    350 th. stock drum. Better sprag, clutches, steels. Extra pack, apply piston milled. Reprogrammed valve body and separator plate. Instant shifts. We'll call it a 2200 stall.

    30 spline eaton, moser axles, 3.42 Richmond r&p.

    Bone stock,except sfc & body bushings, including worn out bushings, dealer installed air shocks.

    Best et 7.59 1/8
    Best mph 97 1/8 all on 265/50-15 400+ tread wear street tires.
    Best 60' 1.77 same tires.

    Work coming over next two months.
    New front and rear suspension. Ptfb gt front/comp rear springs, adjustable shocks. Spherical bushings in front leafs. Slicks. Custom 9" converter around 3800 flash. Exhaust cut outs. Single plane intake, will know which tomorrow as I gave three choices to wife. Electric water pump and fan. About 100-150 pounds to be removed. Chassis bushings. New times coming in March.
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  5. txfbodyfan

    txfbodyfan Veteran Member

    Sep 18, 2014
    Mercedes, TX
    74 Camaro

    Year weight
    1974 Camaro
    3400 weight

    Dyno numbers

    Est. Engine Dyno numbers 650/600 FWHP
    (David Vizard duplicated design)

    489 CI
    Studded 4 Bolt gen 4 Block
    Weisco Pro Tru Pistons 10.2 to 1 compression
    Eagle 4340 Crank
    Scat 4340 I Beams w/ ARP 2000 7/16" bolts
    Zamora Racing Heads Ported and Polished ProComp 300 CC Oval Port heads 2.25/1.88 valves
    Professional Products Ported and Polished Air Gap Style Intake
    Comp Cams Xtreme XR280R Solid Roller cam, Push Rods, Springs, and Stud Gridle
    Crower Roller Lifters
    Quick Flow 750 cfm w/ mechanical secondary’s (street carb), AED 950 w/ mechanical secondary’s (strip carb), and tuned HEI distributor.!/video.php?v=684917681597233&set=vb.100002370226525&type=2&theater

    Headman headers 2" pri 3" collectors......Pypes Complete

    3:73 with 10 bolt Eaton Carrier

    Rear; Heidt’s 4 Link suspension w/adjustable Coil over Shocks, Heidt’s sub-frame connectors & 4 Point Roll Bar. Front; Moroso Trick Springs & Competition Engineering, various new bushings.

    Trans Depot “Destroyer” 700R4 rated for 700 HP, Precision Industries Vigilante 2800-3000 single disk converter, & cooler.



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  6. LeKid

    LeKid Veteran Member

    Feb 5, 2006
    Winnipeg, MB
    I guess it is about time I put my combo on here, I guess I never did in the past!

    1980 Camaro
    3250 race weight

    Dyno numbers
    669hp - 581ft/lbs on the engine dyno N/A

    Block: Dart Little“M” block with billet caps 4.125bore, 350 mains
    Crank: Eagle 3.75 stroke 4340 forged crank
    Rods: Eagle 4340 6in. H-Beam with ARP2000 bolts
    Pistons: JE Nitrous Series 3cc small dome - 12.5:1cr
    Rings: Total Seal Rings with Hell-Fire top ring
    Bearings: Clevite H series
    Oil pump: Melling High flow
    Oil pan: Milodon Stroker Pan
    Timing chain: CompCams Billet with trust washer
    Balancer: ATI 7" steel
    Cam: Dave Crower custom nitrous cam 0.688/0.648 - 298/308adv - 264/274@0.050 with 112lsa - CompCams 999 sptings and Crower 0.085" higher retainers
    Lifters: Crower Solid Roller with HIPPO oiling
    Heads: Dart Pro1 215cc ported by Mike Stark @ CFM - 320cfm@0.700
    Rockers: Yella Terra Platinum twin-shaft rockers 1.6in 1.5ex
    Push rods: Manton 3/8" 0.120" wall
    Intake: Dart single plane ported by Mike Stark@CFM
    Carb: AED 950cfm HOM
    Headers: Hooker Super Comp 1 7/8" - 3 1/2"
    Fuel pump: Holley Dominator 350gph with stock tank and rear sump
    Ignition: MSD 7535 box with HVC coil and Taylor 10.8mm wires

    Edelbrock Performer RPM II system flowed by Steve Jonhson at Induction Solutions
    Running a 275hp nitrous shot (93 nitrous jet)

    Hooker Super Comp 1 7/8" - 3 1/2"
    3.5" x-pipe from Torque tech
    Shoenfeld 3.5" bullet mufflers

    Rear and weight movement
    Moser M9 9" with Strange Aluminum center section with 33-spline axles and 3.70 gears
    Front: Smith Racecraft control arms with Moroso springs ans AFCO DA re-valved by Jason@AFCO
    Rear: Calvert Split-mono with Caltracks and Rancho 9-ways

    Wheels and Tires
    Front: Champion Speed Series 15x3.5 with Hoosier Front runners 27" tall
    Rear: Champion Speed Series 15x10 with 5.5bs with M/T 275PRO

    TH-400 with TCI 2.10 gear set and Red Alto clutches
    Trans-Specialties Trans-Brake valve body
    Trans-Specialties 9.5" 900XHD Converter

    1.266 - 60ft
    5.70@122mph - 1/8 mile
    8.94@151.8mph - 1/4 mile
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  7. MR NICE

    MR NICE Member

    Feb 5, 2013
    det mi
    1978 Camaro
    weight ?

    Engine 454 LS7

    13 to 1 compression
    decked block
    all forged lower end
    7qt pan
    fluid damp
    Comp Solid flat tappet ZL1/LS7 camshaft
    Solid lifters with oil holes
    Comp 930 springs
    990 heads milled stock
    Crane gold rockers
    Victor jr intake
    Quick fuel 950 e-85 carb
    Hooker super comps 21/4 3.5"


    Msd 6al msd dizzy& coil

    400 turbo upgraded sprag 4200 stall freakshow convertor,large stack plate cooler

    Rearend upgraded axles 10 bolt 373,perfect launch cover,forged input

    yoke,arp carrier studs,1350 ujoints 3" driveshaft

    10point cage/full interior,ps/pb electric pump.

    Fuel system all braided quick fuel 175 pump,12 gal fuel cell/trunk mount battery

    no times yet
  8. 1985 Z28
    377 604 HP
    Turbo 350
    4.56 7.5
    10.03 @ 131 @ 2700 DA NA

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  9. lapedr

    lapedr Veteran Member Gold Member

    Jan 28, 2003
    Pembroke, GA
    Year weight
    1972 Camaro Sport Coupe
    3775 curb weight with options

    Dyno numbers
    No dyno

    1974 Chevy C20 350 4 bolt main block bored .040 = 385 CI
    10.49 : 1 compression
    1970 GM 186 heads with 2.02 / 1.60 valves port matched to intake manifold
    Weiand X-Celerator Intake Manifold port matched to heads
    750 Holley DP
    Edelbrock Performer RPM cam

    Headers and Flowmaster 2 1/2in exhaust

    Rebuilt 3.73 GM 10 bolt
    Lakewood traction bars


    BF Goodrich P245/60R15 Radial T/A's

    Rebuilt Turbo 350 with TCI kit, 2000 RPM TCI stall convertor

  10. dman79z28

    dman79z28 Member

    Sep 11, 2011
    Chaffee Missouri
    1980 Pro street Camaro with 540 BBC

    874 Hp

    Lunati Light weight crank with JE 11.2 forged pistols

    Ported GM 410R aluminum race heads.
    Not sharing cam spec. SORRY!!!

    Edelbrock tunnel ram intake with 750 Quick Fuel carbs.

    Holley roll control.

    Coan 400 Trana with 4000 stall.

    Fab 9 rear end with Coni coil over adjustable shocks.

    4.30 gears,

    Full chrome molly chassis and roll cage

    Mickey Thompson 18.5 x 31 tires.

    Not raced yet!!! But ready!

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