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  1. mrdragster1970

    mrdragster1970 Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member


    New motor going together this winter.

    A Steve Schmidt nhra Pro-Stock 499" being stroked out to 582".
    Custom sheetmetal intake with 2, 400 HP Monte Smith foggers, and dual Holley 1150's.
    Custom Monte Smith cam, secret grind, in the .900 lift area??
    Jesel Professional series shaft system
    Howards Professional Series crank
    Custom Carrillo billet rods
    Custom JE coated pistons
    5 stage Weaver Brothers oil pump.
    Custom reverse flow cooling system.

    Coan Big Dog glide
    TCI 10" converter

    Mark Williams rear
    4.57 gear and Mark Williams spool
    Gun drilled 40 spline Mark Williams axles

    Chassis is a fully legal Pro-Mod for 5 seconds or slower and has just about every mod and upgrade available.
    Data recorder, fire system, dual chutes, carbon fiber this, digital that.

    Expected ET is 6.80's at 203 mph I hope give or take??
    As always, with a little luck and a lot of money??

  2. purpleflame

    purpleflame Veteran Member

    May 7, 2003
    west valley, utah USA
    Year weight
    1972 Camaro
    3750 (car needs a diet)

    Dyno numbers
    none yet soon to come

    396 LT4 Stroker
    -LT1 block, bored .030 over with 3.875 stroke, splayed 4-bolt mains
    -Melling High Volume oil pump
    -Callies Racemaster Forged Crank
    -Ross forged domed pistons, with forged I-beam rods, 11.2:1 compression
    -Comp Cams custom grind, .254 .268 @ .050 and .622 .638 112 LSA
    -AFR 227cc LT4 heads, 76cc chambers, fully port and polished
    -LT4 port matched intake
    -AS&M Monoblade throttle body
    -42lbs injectors
    -Jesel Comp Series rocker system, with Tie-bar lifters, and complimenting pushrods
    -Mezeire electric water pump
    -MSD 6AL ignition box, blaster coil, and MSD wires

    Dynatech headers,1 3/4 to 1 7/8 step 3.5 collector, car chemistry inserts, 3" pypes exhaust to Pypes M-80 mufflers.

    Rear and weight movement
    -Moser 9 inch rear for a 96 firebird
    -33 spline axles
    -3.75 gear ratio -Detroit Tru trac posi
    -Strange aluminum casing
    -Custom Aluminum 3.5" driveshaft w/1350 spicer joints

    Front: Stock for a moment
    Rear: QA1 adjustable coilovers, custom fabbed torque arm, umi adjustable panhard bar.

    T56 w/ gearbox upgrade kit to 650hp
    SLP short throw shifter
    Spec stage 3 clutch

    times to come
  3. mehdi_v8

    mehdi_v8 New Member

    Mar 24, 2011
    Year weight
    1975 Camaro
    3750 race weight

    Dyno numbers
    400hp/427 tq @ flywheel

    350 CI 4 bolts main
    9.3 : 1
    Hypereutectic, Flat Top pistons 0.030
    pro comp 210cc intake runner - 64cc Heads (2.02" / 1.6" )
    Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake Manifold
    Holley 650 CFM Carburetor 4777c w/ 1" spacer
    Comp cam XE268H with tappet and Timing chain
    COMP Cams Magnum Steel Roller Tip Rocker Arms 1.52 Ratio
    pro comp chromoly pushrods
    M55HV Oil pump
    holley Mechanical fule pump
    MSD 6AL box
    MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set
    MSD Pro-Billet HEI Distributor
    Denso Iridium spark plugs
    Aluminum radiator with 2 fan

    Shotgun Scoop:happy:

    OBX racing headers 1 3/4"-1 7/8" primary tube, 3 1/2" collector
    X pype exuast system with Flowtech Red Hots Mufflers

    Rear and weight movement

    10 bolt, 3.73 motive, Limited Slip
    Stock gas tank
    American Racing Silver Outlaw II 8" F:215-60-15 , R:295-50-15

    Front: Stock but it will be changed
    Rear: Air Shocks with 1"sway bar

    TH350 with B&M master race kit and trans pack.
    2400 holeshot torque convertor
    B&M console mega shifter

    Tell you SOON;)
  4. newschool72

    newschool72 Veteran Member

    Feb 25, 2011
    68 Camaro
    Engine. 406
    cam .comp ex solid.252-260, 578-595
    heads. protopline 220cc home ported
    intake. eddy suoer vic
    block.stock 2 bolt
    crank. cast eagle
    rods.stock 5.7s
    exhaust. hooker supers 1 3/4 w super turbo muffs, turndown at axle
    pistons. KB hypos

    trans. Th350, steel drum, hardened races, TC super street fighter.

    rear. 8.5 10 bolt, factory trac lock, 4.10s

    suspension. SSM bars, summit drag 90/10s, 50/50s

    best ET. 7.26 at 97, 11.306 at 120.62 pump 93 on drag radials. Never even pop the hood at the track. Could run better with tuning! Drive it to the track, run it and drive it home. 85 mile round trip. Old school, on the cheap.
  5. mrdragster1970

    mrdragster1970 Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member


    Changed my plans.

    New engine is now a blown alcohol combination.
    ProCharger F3R, with fuel injection, and lots of boost.
    No more bottles and screwing around with all the heating issues.

    The gear is now going to be a 3.70 to make up for the bigger low end torque.

    Same trans, but now I'll need a 10 1/2" converter, also for the massive torque.

    Expected ET's 6.75-6.80 @ 209-210 mph range with the 1/4 mile tune up and 4.20's @ 170 mph with the 1/8 mile.
    I'll just be happy to get the car back in the 6's @ 200 mph again.
    I'll be extremely ecstatic to get a 0.99 60', which the car has never done before.

  6. HyPer

    HyPer Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Mar 19, 2012
    Central Mississippi
    Year: 1973 Camaro rat rod
    Weight: 3575 (truck scale) :crazy:

    Dyno numbers:
    Engine Dyno: 451hp/488tq(crank)

    350 CI
    11.3:1 CR
    Ported/Polished/Milled/Pocketed LT1 stockers 2.02/1.60 1.6:1
    Weiand Team-G 3" raised plenum(5" raised over stock)
    Holley 750 DP MS
    Solid Roller Dema Elgin .499/.502 298/301 adv. dur. "3/4 cam" ;)

    Homemade Headers 1.8" primaries 3.25" collectors
    Magnablow Turndowns

    3.73 Detroit Locker, Ultimate 10 braced housing
    Battery behind passenger wheel well in trunk
    Fuel cell in stock tank location with homemade straps

    Stock front with extended coils
    Gabriel Nitro Drag front shocks
    Gabriel Nitro Drag rear shocks
    4-pack Z28 springs with extra 2nd leaf added on driver's side(2 extra 2nd leafs added on passenger side)
    M/T Trac Bars
    Rear: M/T 25x12.5-15 Drag Radial on Weld 15x10
    Front: M/T 25x4-15 Front on Weld 15x4

    TH350 with steel internals
  7. Procharmo

    Procharmo Veteran Member

    Dec 15, 2008
    London UK
    Year weight
    1977 Camaro
    No idea. Glass hood, no rear seats, Carbon fiber front seats.

    Dyno numbers
    No idea but Steve Morris got 1891hp out twin F1C Prochargers on a mild drag week combo.

    Twin F1C Prochargers
    Supercharger Store gear drive
    Power steering
    Dart 406ci Callies Magnum crank, 4.155 bore, Je blower pistons
    8.1:1 CR
    AFR 235 heads, 80cc chambers, 2,.125/1,6 valves,
    Jesel Shaft rockers, CompCams EndureX lifters,
    Areomotive Eliminator fuel pump

    Super Vic intake,
    Carb Shop prepped Holley 4150 with 4 inlet Billet Dual needle bowls..

    CompCams solid roller 7.15 lift with 1.65 rockers.

    MSD Pro distributor, 7531 Ignition box with HCV II

    AMS1000 boost controller with twin Tial V60 wastgates

    AIS Meth injection pre and post blowers.

    Hooker Super comp 1-7/8" headers 3 1/2 collectors.
    X-pipe, 3" via Flowmasters out the back and over the axle
    and QTP cut outs in the middle.

    Rear and weight movement
    Stock 12 bolt 2.73 Posi.
    Meth tank and battery in the trunk.

    Front: Hotchkis springs and sway bar,Global West lower and SPPC uppers. Strange adjustable shocks.
    Rear: Hotchkis springs and swaybar, Caltracs. Strange adjustable shocks.
    MT 315x35x17 Drag Radials
    Baer Track Plus 1 brakes front and rear.

    Stock Turbo 350 (the reason I can't race or put my foot down yet).
    ATI SFI flywheel.

    Times:As above. when I get a capable TH400 I'll race it. For now I just like to cause riots when I take it out on quiet narrow British roads.
    Procharged cars are loud. Twin Procharged cars are louder!
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  8. 74marolt

    74marolt Veteran Member

    Dec 16, 2006
    Austin, TX
    74 Camaro LT

    3600 lb with 150lb driver

    383 SBC
    11.5:1 compression ratio
    Ported Canfield 195cc heads
    Solid roller lifters
    Custom Ground solid roller camshaft
    Valve lift .581/.597
    Duration 248/256
    Lobe Center 108
    Overlap 36
    Holley 750 carb with proform main body
    Edelbrock RPM Airgap Manifold
    MSD Dist locked at 33*
    MSD Blaster II Coil
    Holley Blue fuel pump and regulator

    th-350 with 2800stall

    Rear End
    3.73 gear posi

    Have not taken to the track yet
  9. TedC.

    TedC. Veteran Member

    Apr 6, 2013
    Fayetteville, NC
    1978 Camaro Z28

    Weight:Stock with a glass Outlaw 4" Hood

    Dyno numbers: 371 HP / 411 TQ at the wheels - @ 452 HP / 495 TQ at crank. (before head swap)

    Engine: 383 stroker, Eagle Crank, Speed Pro Pistons, ProMaxx 190cc runner-64cc chamber aluminum heads, 560 lift - 286 dur Roller Cam, Edelbrock RPM Air Gap Intake, QF750 DP no choke carb, 1/2" Phenolic carb spacer, Scorpion 1.5 Ratio Roller Rockers, MSD Pro Billet Dist, MSD Blaster SS Coil, MSD Street Fire controller.

    Exhaust: Full length small tube headers, 3 inch dual exhaust with twin flowmaster 40's (soon to be Magnaflows)

    Rear: 4.11 posi

    Front: 2inch drop spindles, stiffer springs
    Rear: shackles set to 1st notch, Stiffer Leafs with urethane bushings.

    Wheels and Tires: AR 17" wheels with 245/45 front and 255/50 Nitto NT555's out back.

    Transmission:Tremec 5spd, Hurst Shifter with Que Ball knob.

    Times: T.B.D.
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  10. alans70rs

    alans70rs Member

    Oct 21, 2010
    Beaverton, OR
    Year weight
    1970 RS
    Stock Weight

    Dyno numbers
    RWHP 222hp/269tq
    Crank 317hp/384tq figured using rwhp and 30% drivetrain

    350 CI
    ~9.5 to 1 compression
    Fuelie 186 66cc heads with mild porting, small valves with 3 angle grind
    Edelbrock Perfomer RPM intake
    Edelbrock 1405 carb
    270h cam with 112 LSA

    Longtube 1-5/8" primaries to 3" collectors, 2.5" dual exhaust with H-pipe and dual mufflers

    Rear and weight movement
    2.73:1 stock rear end
    Battery and fuel tank location untouched

    Front Stock with rear 77 ZS28air shocks


    Takes 17 seconds to go from 40-131mph on the dyno in third gear :eek: lol

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