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  1. vegas1974z28

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    Jan 10, 2002
    Las Vegas,NV
    I'll Start and Hopefully we can sticky this.
    Year weight
    1974 Camaro
    3400 race weight

    Dyno numbers
    Engine Dyno numbers 673/610 FWHP
    RWHP 550

    498 CI
    12.2 to 1 compression
    merlin Grumpy Jenkins rect port heads .250/.188 valves
    eddy 454R single plane
    1150 dominator jetted at 92 SQ
    solid Roller cam

    Headman headers 2 in primaries 3 in colectors
    open exhaust

    Rear and weight movement
    4:10 spool with 10 bolt moser axles and c clip elim
    dual batt in trunk
    fuel cell in trunk

    6 point Bar
    Rancho rear shocks set at 5
    Summit 90/10 in ft
    calvert split monos
    MT 28x10.5x15 stiffwall slicks (12.5 psi cold)

    Turbo 400 with a trans brake

    10.30's @128 so far in 2013
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  2. theflash

    theflash Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Feb 27, 2004
    Podunk, CT
    Year weight
    1971 RS Camaro
    Stock weight

    Dyno numbers
    Engine Dyno numbers 537hp/504 tq @ flywheel

    462 CI
    10.1 to 1 compression
    Edelbrock 100cc heads ported
    eddy Vic Jr. Rect port
    750 BG Mighty Demon
    Ultradyne solid FT 251°/259° .601/.625 110 lsa
    MSD 6AL box with Pro Billet mech dist

    Hooker Comp 2 in primaries 3.5 in collectors
    Turn downs before rear axle

    Rear and weight movement
    4:10 10 bolt with moser axles

    Slide A Links
    Summit 90/10 in ft
    MT 275/60-15 DR

    Turbo 350
    3000 stall

    11.56 @ 117mph
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  3. kik_start

    kik_start BANNED

    Sep 3, 2006
    gone crazy
    Year weight
    1975 Camaro
    race weight ??

    Dyno numbers
    Engine Dyno numbers 474 RWHP

    496 CI
    10.1 to 1 compression
    Big Bordix BB2 plus
    titanium retainer
    professional product single plane
    1000 cfm prosystems 4150 92 jets on all 4 corners
    comp cams solid roller .773/.785 274/282
    crower shaft rockers
    comp cams lifters
    7/16" double taper pushrods .120 wall
    eagle crank
    eagle H beam rods
    SRP forged pistons

    Headman headers 2 in primaries 3 in colectors with 2' turn downs

    Rear and weight movement
    Moser 9" 4:10 spool with 35 spline axles wilwood disc brake
    3" DOM custom built driveshaft 1350 u-joints
    batt in stock location
    fuel cell in trunk
    BG 400 fuel pump 1/2" fuel line

    SW 8 point cage
    SW ladder bars with coil over
    competition engineering 90/10 front shocks
    GW tubular race control arms
    MT 26x10.5x15 slicks (12 psi)

    Turbo 350 with brake and JW Ultra Bell (built by me)
    Hughes 4500 converter GM94

    10.71 @ 126 mph spinning the back tires with the leaf springs
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  4. gregh

    gregh Moderator Staff Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Year weight
    1981 Camaro
    3450lbs race weight

    Dyno numbers
    Never dyno'd

    409 CI SBC
    10.4 to 1 compression
    AFR 195cc Eliminator heads
    Edelbrock Vic Jr
    901cfm Pro Systems Holley
    Solid Roller Comp XR286R .614/.620 248 I/254 E
    NOS Super Powershot, 150hp jets

    1 3/4" Hooker Super Comps, 2 1/2" x pipe, 2 1/2" short dumps before diff.

    Rear and weight movement
    8.5" 10 bolt, welded axle tubes, 3.73 gears, Richmond Lock Right, Strange axles and c clip eliminators
    battery in trunk
    16 gallon fuel cell in trunk

    Home made weld in SFC
    8 point Bar
    Comp Eng front & rear shocks
    Stock rear leafs & Moroso Trick springs up front.
    Weld Wheel Prostars 15 X 3.5" fronts & 15 X 8" on the back
    295/65-15 MT ET Street Radials
    Manual steering, power brakes

    TH350 with a Coan 10" convertor, no brake

    10.236@ 131.5mph in 4600' air
    11.6@118mph in 5000' air NA
  5. 74RAT

    74RAT Veteran Member

    Dec 28, 2003
    ft. stockton,tx,usa
    Year weight
    1974 Camaro
    hopefully under 3200lbs w/driver
    all fiberglass panels on soon.

    Dyno numbers
    Engine Dyno numbers N/A, should be 600+

    468 CI
    13.1 to 1 compression
    G.M. #3964291 rect port heads 2.19/1.88 valves
    Wieand Team-G with 1" built in spacer / single plane
    850 holley modified heavily
    solid roller adv. dur. 302/310, 276/284@.050, .731/.731 lift, 108 lsa

    Hooker headers 2 in primaries 3.5 in collectors
    3.5" through X section and 3.5" Dynomax Ultra Flows, stops there

    Rear and weight movement
    4:11 spool with 12 bolt moser rear housing, moser axles, ford housing ends
    5/8" wheel studs and support cover from freddie (BGH).
    batt in trunk
    fuel cell in trunk

    SFC going in next
    6 point cage
    Torque arm
    C.E. three way adjustables front and rear, spc tubular upper a-arms
    stock 5 leaf rear
    MT 28x10.5x15 slicks

    Turbo 400 with a trans brake by jake
    5200-5400 converter
  6. hhott71

    hhott71 R.I.P 11/19/18 Lifetime Gold Member

    Mar 30, 2001
    Joplin Mo. 64801
    Year weight
    1971 Camaro
    Race weight 3100 lbs
    All steel/glass hood

    Dyno numbers
    Never seen a Dyno

    355 SBC
    11.1 to 1 compression
    Speedpro 2304 0.100" dome
    Canfield 197cc 23-500-65 heads
    2.05" IN / 1.60" EX
    Edelbrock Victor JR
    Holley 4777 650DP
    Crane HR 119841 Hydraulic Roller Cam
    .539"/.558" lift 234*/242* Dur 112 LC
    Comp Pro Magnum rockers
    Scat cast crank
    Scat forged rods
    140 gph Mallory pump
    1/2" fuel lines.

    Headman headers #65104
    1.75" Primaries 3" collectors and extensions.

    Rear and weight movement
    12 bolt 4:10 Strange spool with 33 spline axles & C-clip eliminators
    Stock driveshaft
    Batt in trunk
    5 gallon fuel cell in trunk

    C/E Bolt-in SFC
    Jegs 6 point bars
    Home made Slapper bars, contacts spring eye.
    30 year old HD Sears front shocks
    30 year old HD Sears rear shoocks
    Stock springs all 4 corners
    MT 28x10.5x15 slicks

    Turbo 350 with TCI Manual Valve Body
    TCI 10" Super Street Fighter convertor

    11.1650 @ 119.30
    1.5028 60'
  7. mrdragster1970

    mrdragster1970 Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member


    70 1/2 RS
    3000# N/A, 3200# N2O & ballast required to hook

    ~13.5-14 to 1
    antique Brodix -2 heads, 2.30 & 1.90, custom built & ported by EPD with Jesel pro shaft system
    Edelbrock pro race ram
    dual 1050 HP dominators
    roller ~.850 lift & 305 dur
    NOS pro race fogger 250-275 shot

    custom 2 1/4-2 3/8" headers

    9" with 4.10 spool, 35 spline Mosers

    10 pt moly cage, moly SFC,
    Ladder bars
    Strange electric dbl adj coil overs
    Hoosier 29x10.5W

    Coan glide, pro brake

    Ran 5.00's N/A in the 1/8 testing in one of my other cars.
    Hoping for 8.90's and low low 8's on N2O in the Camaro??

  8. 1970camaroRS

    1970camaroRS Veteran Member

    Mar 4, 2001
    Everett, WA
    Year weight
    1970 Camaro RS
    race weight: all iron SBC, fiberglass fenders and hood, 350lb driver

    Dyno numbers
    Engine Dyno numbers n/a

    355 CI
    9 to 1 compression
    Stock Vortecs modded for .525 lift
    eddy perf RPM
    Holley 750 dp classic, milled choke horn
    Comp XR270 hydraulic roller cam

    Hooker 1-3/4 ceramic coated headers, 3in collectors
    3" Dr Gas x-pipe
    3" in 2.5" out spintech split case mufflers
    2.5" side exit

    Rear and weight movement
    3.73 Auburn pro with 10 bolt superior axles
    Fiberglass hood
    Fiberglass fenders

    Eibach pro front lowering springs
    Stock Z-28 5-leaf rear springs
    KYB gas shocks
    Comp Engineering slapper bars
    MT 28x10.5x15 softwall slicks

    700r4 with TCI shiftkit
    3000rpm TCI torque convertor

    12.6 @ 106mph (1.8 60')
  9. CamaroMan79

    CamaroMan79 Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Jun 10, 2001
    Selah, WA
    Year weight
    1978 Camaro
    3580 race weight w/me

    Dyno numbers
    Engine Dyno numbers: Check back soon!

    383 CI
    10 to 1 compression
    Scat forged crank, H-Beam rods and SRP pistons
    AFR 195/60cc Eliminator heads
    Performer RPM Air-Gap
    Holley 770 Street Avenger
    Comp Cams Roller cam .510/.520

    Headman headers, Pypes exhaust

    Rear and weight movement
    10 bolt, 3.73 Eaton, Alloy USA axles.
    Stock gas tank

    Global West solid body bushings
    Global West SFC's
    Hotchkis sway bars
    Tokico shocks
    MOOG 1" drop coils
    Hankook 255/45/18 in rear225/45/18 in front
    American Racing Torqlite wheels

    Turbo 400
    Coan 3000 stall

    None with this engine
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  10. Louich

    Louich Veteran Member

    Mar 8, 2004
    Arthur, Ontario
    too much to type so im going with

    stock :)

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