Your Camaro Project, how long has it been sitting??

Discussion in 'Project Progress' started by Z-28COVERCAR, Aug 10, 2009.

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    Sep 18, 2005
    NW Georgia
    bought my car in January of '01 i was 16 did a complete resto in 6 mo. after i got older and better at it. it was time for a redo. so i stripped the main body back to bare metal, but before i got it painted i went off to school. so i put her in primer, was supposed to be a primer, sealer, but it wasnt. so its sat in ohio for 3 years, the person who was supposed to be looking after it fried the trans, but he killed himself so now i have a burnt up trans and a car that needs a complete restoration. it was painted a dark metallic blue. 1998 GM color pacific blue mica pearl. w/ super white stripes. but this time i think im going to paint it a modern version of lemans blue, kind of a cross between lemans blue and the new toyota tacoma blue... hopefully ill have her home soon. lots of big plans in the works

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    Nov 17, 2003
    We all love our 2nd genners, and for me its gonna take me to take some time to go through my two really big indoor storage closets to look at all the completely restored parts in plastic bags or boxes( 60% of the car which I've been restoring for the past 25 years) get me excited to tell my wife = No more home projects for a minimum of 1 YEAR!!! It's Camaro time!!!! Make me a sandwich and don't bother me. I just attended my 30th High School reunion and I kick myself in the A$$ that I didn't have my High School Camaro to drive to the reunion. So many of my classmates asked me what ever happened to that Camaro I used to drive and I told them it is still in my garage. And to their amazement they said NO WAY! You still have it??
    So I'm starting to itch and the Camaro needs a scratching.
    Coming this November it will be 30 years since I drove my best buddy and he is missed. Here is So Cal it's been really fricken HOT (107°F) where I live and I'm just gonna wait until the weather cools down enough so I can get to the back of the garage and drag out the Camaro so the sun can shine on it's face again. My wife caught me sitting in it and took a pic. I'll see if I can post it, cause I look pretty happy.
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    I bought mine in January 28, 1997, I drove it for 3 weeks and the motor went south.. Before I bought it, it had a plate registation sticker of 1983.. It looked the part with the ass shackled up and rallies up front and Centerlines in the rear.. :D So it has been off the road for 26 yrs(other then those 3 weeks).. Should have it up and running within the year..

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