WTB: 70 z28 4 speed radiator tag LF

Discussion in 'Swap Meet Section' started by 70lt1z28, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. 70lt1z28

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    Oct 3, 1999
    Beavercreek, Ohio, USA
    Looking for a 70 z28 4 speed radiator tag. Has large LF along with smaller IA and CT letters. No repops please. Want the part number 3021300 0

    Looks like this:

    Also looking for the hose bracket with the AG

  2. Smokin'Joe

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    Aug 14, 2008
    I know where an original LF tagged IA/CT radiator is. It's not for sale directly, but is offered as trade to help rummage up an LM tagged radiator from a 1970 SS/396 with manual trans. The LM tagged unit will have an XY coded fill side tank and IF small tank. - ( even a usable XY tank alone would be acceptable as trade ).


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