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    Aug 14, 2008
    This was me and my home computer up until 2 weeks ago. - I decided it was time for an upgrade and although historically I tend to build my own machine for gaming, this time I found a pretty decent "out of the box" machine that came with Windows 10 Home. -

    After plugging it in and it literally went thru 8 hours of Windows 10 updates, a half dozen reboots and a bit more tweaking a few things that annoyed me, Windows 10 is actually pretty good. - I got rid of the live tiles, streamlined file explorer and installed chrome. All my games work great, even had no problems running an old version of Quake III Team Arena, which gave Win 7 fits. - So far I'm pretty happy with Win10, but will definitively give Shutup10 a try as well.

    Also, If anyone is interested, if you are like me, the autoplay video's on all the websites drive me crazy. - I did find an app for google chrome called "Turn off the lights" that allows you to disable the autoplaying. Between that, Adblock Plus, Gif Jam, Disable HTML5, FlashControl and Ghostery. My web browsing is actually enjoyable now :)

    Thanks for the tip on Shutup10


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