Why we put fuel motors in back now...

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    garlits lions explosion.jpg
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    TC Lemon in the background doesn't look too pleased, Larry Sutton the starter in the black hat:
    garlits lions explosion 3rd.jpg
    garlits lions explosion signed.jpg
    garlits lions explosion 2.jpg
    garlits lions explosion 3.jpg
    garlits lions explosion 4.jpg
    garlits lions explosion 5.jpg
    garlits lions explosion 5th.jpg
    garlits lions explosion 6.jpg
    This crash obviously led to Don perfecting the rear engine dragster and when they couldn't get it to go straight, gave up on it and were prepping a FED for an upcoming race, it was actually Pat, Don's wife who insisted they go out and make that thing work.

    Well Connie Swingle and TC Lemon finally figured out they needed to slow the steering down and once they did that, the car went as straight as a string and well...the rest is history. :)
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    How time flies. Back in the day these things were monsters, and people could not believe the ET's & speeds.

    On April 4, 1960, Chris Karamasines had the first 200 mph plus in the quarter mile.
    Running a blown Chrysler Hemi on nitro (392 "punched out" to 450 cubes), Karamasines turned 8.82 @ 204.54
    at Alton Dragway Illinois.

    Now a days, even my antique junk ass poor man's Pro-Mod would beat the pants off the T/F cars in ET & MPH.
    Even more amazing, our street legal cars can destroy an old Pro-Stock with ease, and drive cross country!!!!

    They had that COPO thing lined up next to us last Sunday, and everyone was drooling over it.
    To be honest, I didn't even notice it, I was looking at the S/G 3rd gen.

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    The actual 1st rear engine dragster. The legend say's

    One of those, which some believe may in fact have been the actual first functional rear engine dragster, was built and campaigned by Bill and Dave Coleman of Maryland’s Coleman Bros Speed Shop in or around 1960. If not the first, it was certainly among them. At one point the relatively short wheelbase machine held the title of the fastest Chevy-powered dragster in the country, and legend has it, upon its debut, the likes of Garlits, Kalitta, and other hall of famers practically tripped over one another running through the pits to get a glimpse of it.


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