Which is a better compressor?

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    Oct 10, 2009
    ^^It doesn't do much, but it helps!!!^^
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    What a correctly sized intercooler would do is cool the air and aid in dropping the water out in the tank. Since there was no pic that I could see I have a totally different picture of what it SHOULD be. What it sounds like is a cheap imitation of what IR used to do on their old style and excellent 30T series compressors of this type and size. If anyone ever comes across a used 30T series compressor that is for sale BUY it. It was made when compressor were really built to last and is fully and easily rebuildable.

    Still, for the above situation I still think the two stage is always the way to go with compressed air if the cost is not an issue.
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    80 gallon 2 stage Ingersal Rand, here. Buddy has the same one, and I liked it so much I bought one for my garage.
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    Nov 21, 2002
    If your going to run a good sand blast cabinet you will want the 24 cfm.
    Most of the good sand blast cabinets need at least 18 cfm.
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    Biggest consideration is 2 stage....always better than single stage. Produces more air for longer period of time with less stress on compressor.

    I used a single stage for my entire restoration and it worked but it made me wait a lot when doing air intensive work.

    If you can afford the 2 stage make that your first choice.
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    While both of those are good units, the bigger one is a better bang for the buck. It has all the benefits for $200 more.... And it's way more than 25% more capable for 25% more money.

    The smaller one is still nice, but for $1000 I'd go with the big guy.
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    Jan 11, 2002
    For what its worth I have the same compressor as the 60gallon, but mine is an 80gallon. Its 5hp, 18.1 cfm, 135max pressure. I bought it from Tractor Supply about 5years ago. I have never had to wait on it. I have done some extensive blasting with my blast cabinet. It will actually cycle while I'm blasting. It takes awhile to catch me but eventually it does. I think the book says not to cycle it more than around 6 times per hour. Its designed for continuous duty. I have an air gauge upstairs in the shop to tell me what the incoming pressure is. This is a really good compressor.



    It comes down to what you can afford to spend. If you have the cash for the two stage unit, by all means get it. If not and you can only afford the single stage, your still getting a really nice compressor.
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