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    just curious, do the early oval hole wheels have the same offset as the later round hole wheels?
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    I bought 10 of these wheels the other day. Is there a date code stamped on the wheel or just the codes by the valve stem hole? I have one that is H on one side and GM on the other and one that I would swear was an F on one side and a GM on the other. And then I have 2 that look like a 1 on one side and the M on the other. I have some that have 3 on one side and M on the other and figured them out by looking at the chart you guys made. Does the 74 wheel that has H stamped on it have the GM stamped across from it?
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    The date is stamped between the outer lip and inner lip, part on either side of the inner valve stem hole. hard to see usually. If you have a small wire brush, stick it in between the two lips and brush off the area on both sides of the hole. That's where you'll find the "K" followed by some numbers.

    Example... K 10 (hole) 4 13

    K=Kelsey Hayes
    0=Year (1970)
    4=Month (April)
    13=Day of Month

    The letter code i.e. GM, E, F, H etc are stamped on one or both sides of the outer hole. Don't know how they decode.

    If you're talking about wheel #8 in my first post, no, it only has an H stamped on it. You'll notice a lot of those wheel's only have one stamp on them...mostly just GM. Some have two as shown in the list.
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    Thanks for the info on the date codes, i will check them out tomorrow.
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    Great info, sub'd.

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