What's the story with left lane drivers??

Discussion in 'The BS Topic' started by sal70ss, Dec 29, 2017.

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    Sal- I make the drive from Northern VA to Southwest FL (Fort Myers) 2-3 times every year, and 95 never ceases to get under my skin. I just drove back today, in fact.

    I've got a list of complaints that would monopolize the Festivus ceremonies.:D
    I don't understand the goons that park in the left lane either. Every once in a while you'll find "that guy" (let's call him by a randomly selected name... "Gary" :D:D) who is determined to teach everyone what the speed limit is (usually by going 5 under), and will sit next to a speed-governed semi for eons. IMO, these clowns deserve a pit maneuver.
    The crazy thing is that as traffic stacks up tighter and tighter, more and more people move to the left lane, and leave the right lane way underutilized.
    South Carolina never ceases to irritate me- 95 has NO business being two lanes from I-26 to the FL border. Traffic backs up here every single time, sometimes the entire 86 mile stretch to the GA line. Last year, I took a tour of the inland low country for 110 miles to get around it. It's hopeless, as they needed to start that widening project 20 years ago. I've noticed something else too- I'm convinced something is up with the fuel quality. I lose 5-10% fuel economy (after normalizing for speeds) compared to fill-ups in VA and FL... EVERY SINGLE TIME. It happened again today. 20.8mpg at 69mph avg speed with a tank from FL, then 17.4mpg at 71mph avg with a tank from SC (normal would be around 20.0). Back to 20mpg after filling up in southern VA. Combine that with the world's slowest fast food/Subway joints, and I'd just as soon skip the whole state.
    - Urinal in a GA Burger King overflowed on my little guy's shoes.
    - Some freeloaders at a rest area in Central NC tried to shake my daughter down for cash for gas "to get to Greenville".
    - Lawlessness of FL drivers, using on-ramps and shoulders as fly-by lanes (often at 90+ mph)

    I could go on and on...

    I'd love to start flying, but there are five of us, and around holiday times, tickets are $$$. No can do.
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    Here in SW Pa. we have two seasons; Winter and road construction, and that line is starting to blur with the utility companies and the department of transportation. The "orange cone" season is now about all year around. Take into consideration that our entire infrastructure is antiquated, and difficulty getting around is painfully complicated. Not only do we have our share of driving asshats and gridlock, but the shortest route between two points (and detours) are usually under construction. Ask anyone that has ever driven in the Pittsburgh area. I 376 turns into a parking lot during "rush hour"about every day, along with every other route in and out of the city.
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    I hate to admit it, but I occasionally get the attention of the left lane traffic bumps by pulling over in front of them so close you can see the screw type on my license plate. In most cases, they change lanes immediately.

    And for the texters, my wife keeps telling me to honk my horn as we pass them, also usually on the right.

    Lotta road rage out there.
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    Those days are gone....Left lane, Right lane....Its a lane. With many freeways nowadays their are 3 and 4 lanes of traffic. Realistically if someone is riding your ass, move over.
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    Gee, I wonder why Lol
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