Whats emissions testing laws like in Colorado?

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    Thinking about moving to Colorado, maybe the springs area. Coming from Kansas there are no emissions laws.On the emissions testing end of it, do diesel pickups have to be tested? Any testing required on older cars? What about modifications done to vehicles? Is it a tail pipe test only or do they visually check to make sure things like egr's, egr coolers, and converters are still in place on diesel pickups? Thanks
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    Colorado Springs only has diesel emissions testing. Gas vehicles as of now ( have been void for years). Diesels need an annual test at approved stations in order to get your new plate stickers for the year. It costs $50 pass or fail. You have to pass the visual test (proof of approved converter) & the regular emissions test itself. If you buy property east of Peyton Hwy (El Paso County area), your diesel is exempt from the required testing. Denver area requires all gas & diesel vehicles be tested annually. Crap...noticed this was from 2012, 6 years ago!....LMFAO!!

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