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Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by KMcHale, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. KMcHale

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    Dec 21, 2002
    I own an 81 Z and a Cadillac 2012 CTS Premium Coupe. The CTS is my daily driver and of course the Z is a weekend driver. Wife says that if I sell the Z and the CTS Premium we could cover the rest of the money needed to buy a CTS-V coupe. My whole life I have always come close to owning the top of the line for a particular car. My Z is a 4 speed so in 1981 I got a 305. My Cadillac is a Premium so it has a V6 318 horse motor. I feel like I have (In football terms) two field goals but I have yet to score a touchdown. So do I keep the Z and spend money and rebuild everything (It is stock now and as much as I would want to drop a real motor into it, I am a firm believer anyone can make a car fast but they only make a car stock once.) Or do I go for the touchdown and purchase a CTS-V (556 Horse). The only other thing I can add is that right now my Cadillac sits outside (Right now it is covered in snow and ice) and if I sold the Z my CTS-V would sit in the garage every night. There is no wrong answer here but I sure would love to hear from other members about what they would do.
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    Nov 4, 2004
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  3. BonzoHansen

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    Life is short, get what you want
  4. 1972_Z-28

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    Oct 6, 2005
    Sugar Land, Texas
    Love my 2010 CTS-V. Just saying. Gas mileage is not good if you sit in a lot of stop and go traffic.
    But is a blast to drive especially against corvettes.
  5. BillyDean7173

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    May 21, 2014
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    Sounds like you're already leaning towards the new Caddy and just need affirmation.
    I would go with the CTS-V because I'm not a fan of the 305, regardless of tranny, matching numbers, originality, whatever.
    Perhaps down the road you may have room for a weekend driver. I would say that if that day comes, a late original 2nd gen with a 350 and a 4 speed will still be reasonably priced. And you'll be enjoying a bad ass car in the meantime.
  6. SRGN

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    Feb 20, 2009
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    I'd put a CTS-V engine in the Z. The V is a fun car as well, but I find myself going back to old iron with new tech drivetrains nowadays. Newer stuff is quick and reliable with less work. Guess I'm just one who likes to do stuff the hard way.
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  7. jimrr

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    Jun 12, 2016
    My brother just bought a used Bentley because he felt his brand new Lincoln continental didn't say" I've made it in life". He's 58. I find it silly, I own my car's because they are works of art or speak to me or are just historical. My car's do not define me.......but yet they do. I prefer what my car's say about me over my brothers...... I'm seeing his outlook on his car as insecure. Why do you want the"top of the line".? I'd drive a Corolla to have your Camaro as my pride and joy. To each their own. I say keep the Camaro.
  8. 8pack

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    Aug 29, 2007
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    Unless you put big miles on it, lease the Caddy. Repairs these days on cars like that are crazy expensive and if you wreck it or even get in a fender bender it shows up on Car fax and you can't sell the darn thing without taking a bath. If you lease it the car company sucks that up as long as it is repaired properly. That is a forgotten benefit of leasing. Hopefully you don't ever get in an accident though....Also, don't underestimate the depreciation hit you will take if you buy the Cadillac, again the leasing company has to deal with that. Negotiate your best price, put no money down as it is a total waste to buy the payments down, you are just giving up cash you will never get back, and enjoy. If you love it you can get the latest model in 3 years or buy this one out if it is worth it. Lastly, if you really want to own it, buy used, someone else already took the depreciation hit and I am sure you can find a low mileage one.

    I was in a similar boat as you, but fortunately I did not have to sell my camaro to make it work. I had never had the car I always wanted and when I left my last job after 25 years I decided to just go for it. For the reasons above I leased and am very happy I did it. Every time I get in it I love driving it. When my lease is up I probably won't get something like it again unless the finances change and will step back down to conserve cash and have money for hobbies.

    How much are you going to get for your Camaro....on a $85-$90k car is selling your Camaro really going to make that big a difference? You should be able to lease it with 12kmiles per year for around $1k, maybe even better and if the mileage buyout is 30 cents or less you can take a risk on going over on the mileage ($300/1k miles). You can put aside $36k and that is all you are into it for and maybe you don't have to sell your Camaro!
  9. cadillac_al

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    Apr 22, 2015
    It's nice to have a fun car for the days off and a daily driver dent collector during the week. Personally I could never live with only one car.
  10. budro6968

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    Apr 2, 2016
    Jax Florida
    What does your wife drive? Maybe sell hers and give the 2012 to her then buy the New V. But Keep the Camaro, even if it does have to go out side. Maybe you could build a shelter for it.
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