What size intake runners for a street bruiser 327?

Discussion in 'High Performance Modifications' started by slayer021175666, Mar 3, 2018.

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    With that cam and cubic inches, I would say the 185 runners will yield as good as you're going to get. Like others have said, smaller runners yield more lowend torque...and big runners take away that and puts HP on the high side. Those heads may be the happy medium you want.

    100% agree with making up whatever you may lose on the bottom with a good gear/converter combo. FWIW, I run 180cc Pro Topline heads on my 360 cu in SBC and it pulls like a mule on meth.
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    I Looked at your combo slayer, nice set up. If your thinking of building up that 327 in the future for more tq/hp/rpm, or going grow it to a 350 or 383 perhaps, you might think about the 195/200's. Buy the best heads once, and grow into them. If staying as is, 185's are nice, including the Vortec's.

    Even though it's common to compare SBC 23* cylinder heads to each other based on port volumes/flows alone, that can be misleading. Port shape, minimum CSA area and where the "CC" come from is a big factor.

    Small Pinch/big bowl, Big pinch/small bowl not to mention short side shape and throat % all make a difference. Some heads that may seem a bit "large" on the CC side compared to others can sometimes make more TQ and HP within the same rpm band, but hang on much better on the top end.

    PS: If your running a true dual plane, fully isolated, (no gap) I would think about carb'ing up on the CFM's to help in the mid/upper HP dept.
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