What other vehicals and years will intercahnge with 2 nd gen Camaros Rear End Assemblys?

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    Yes. Technically it is what I said in post #2. I should have been more specific. Note 1970s got 8.2" 10-bolt rears or maybe a 12 bolt; the 8.2 is weaker so pass on that, and the one year only 12 bolt will be too expensive. But in general you can get a rear from most any 2nd gen f-body
    Now Freddie, aka BigGearHead, built rears for a living for his whole life, so yes, he knows. He can probably tell you off the top of his head what year the rear u-joint changes and the part numbers. If you search this forum there are a number of threads that show you how. It's not really that difficult. Just some patience, and don't cut corners with time or materials. In my case it took a willingness to step away and finish tomorrow lol
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    I had 2 of the Camaro rear ends with 3.42 gears a few years ago. The guy who bought the cars from me towed them into a field and left them there. I've got 3 of the Camaro housings, but nothing in them. I see these rear ends at swap meets all the time, but they are getting harder to find.

    If you want to try swapping gears and are willing to put in the time I can guide you through it.
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    I suggest swapping gears in the existing rear end, youll be much happier knowing what's in the case. The more modern rear-ends were 8.6 differentials. It wasn't too long ago these rears were all over CL and Ebay...sheez...has it really been almost 20 years!
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    Any inexpensive swappable 10 bolt one finds will benefit from, and is likely to require a rebuild. If you are willing to R&R the rear you may be able to get it done for less but I agree with others in letting Freddie AKA Big Gear Head help. Freddie will "...guide you through it" a very generous offer indeed. I'm one of the many to benefit from his membership (thanks again). This forum is loaded with his assistance. There are lots of videos too. One who "can rebuild a engine " must agree, it's preferred knowing what's in your pumpkin. Happy Halloween!
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    BigGearHead, Walked me thru a complete rebuild of a 326 p0si Trans /Am rear to my camaro , a few years back, i never had one open before . I haven't had any problems. Thanks
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    Bye the way, we converted an open smog ratio to a 4.10 Trutrac with 30 spline Moser's and Timken bearings. Replaced smog gears and added a limited slip for fun but as it goes while you're in there, upgraded to 30 spline axles. Also while the rear is off consider replacing shocks, springs, bushings, wheel cylinders, flexible brake line, and adding CalTracs. I had not done more then change gear oil and a speed sensor (diff vehicle) as well. The only hiccup was that shipper sent wrong length axles but made it right as soon as I identified the issue (with help from BigGearHead).
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    If you learn how to do it right and have the tools maybe you can get your money back setting up rears for others in your area.

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