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    Have a 70 RS with front disc. I'm installing a line lock. And looking at the brakes I'm not sure what these 2 blocks are. The front line comes from the M/C into this cast block, which has a rubber button on the back, and from this block into the proportioning valve.
    The brass block has a line from the p-valve to the block then back into the p-valve. Not sure what these are.
    As for the line lock, should I go between the m/C and the block or between block and p-valve?? Need a quick answer, trying to finish this today.
    Thanks for the imput

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  2. Twisted_Metal

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    You have a Metering valve (circled) and a Proportioning valve.
    Later systems used a Combination valve.

    Sorry... I don't know the best place to put the line lock in this system.
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    Get rid of both and get an adjustable prop valve. Then install a line lock
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    The larger bowl of the master cylinder feeds the front brakes. Use the line out of the master cylinder for the line lock solenoid.
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    Have not seen that do hickey.

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