What is the normal operating TEMP for a Stock 350??? Is 205degrees to hot???

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting & Diagnosis' started by 75ltexan, Sep 21, 2009.

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    engine will never run cooler than what the T-stat is rated at unless it is stuck open. 180-210 is a perfectly acceptable operating temp range, a little more a little less depending on conditions
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    There's enough variance in the guage that you may be at 190 or 220. who knows. With a 195 t-stat, you'll be at 195 - 200 which is fine. 180 is fine. A hotter engine runs cleaner... which is why most modern cars (emissions) want to run at 195 - 200.
    heat is power. So if you're making a lot of power (relatively speaking) your radiator will have to get rid of that heat and your temp guage will be up higher than normal. what your seeing is to be expected.

    The key here is the temp stays constant and doesn't keep increasing - so the cooling system can control the heat generated by the engine when the RPMS are up higher.

    With that said - water boils at 212 (at sea level), plus ~5 degrees for every PSI it's pressurized. with a 15PSI cap, your water will boil at ~250 - 260 degrees, so technically even at 230 to 240 degrees your still moving water.

    Obviously if normally your cars temp needle indicates "195 - 210" and suddenly you see it shoot up to 240 or whatever, you'd shut it off and figure out what's going on. Seeing the needle sitting at 210 while you're really moving is normal.

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    I'm looking to get a new rad. cap. Is 15 PSI pretty much standard for a basically stock 350?? Motor is a rebuilt 94 or 95 chevy Z71.

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