What did you pay?

Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by P. Beyer, Jul 13, 2005.

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    I also paid $800 for my first car a 1975 lt It was bought by a chevy dealer for his son in 1975 they buildt the motor and I bought it off the second owner. When I went into the navy I was lucky enough to be able to store it in my fathers barn. Now 20 years later I'm getting aroung to restore it. I'll try and get some photos of it put on the site in a few days. I just pulled it out of the barn two weeks ago and my two boys 9 and 6 are so excited about getting to work on dads old car. So let the fun and new memories begin!:D
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    I saved mine from the scrapper for $800.


    It had absolutely nothing, no engine, no transmission, just a brake booster, wires and the original air cleaner. The interior was all molded over and cracked and it didn't even have the air ducts on the inside.

    I picked up a early 70's built 350 corvette engine (supposedly) with purdy chrome on it and TH-350 for $350

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