WD-40 and Revving your engine

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    If he had a stick that was 2 feet longer he would still have his eyebrows.
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    What color? There wasnt many and everyone was numbered with a unique stencil on the car.

    Post pics when you can. I have spoken to Dennis on several occasions and know a pretty fair amount.
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    My car is #7. Burgundy with silver stripe / lettering on red interior. It was vin verified with Dennis 5 years ago. I have a couple of pics taken before the resto......I will post some pics of before and as it sits now.
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    Feb 11, 2009
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    WD-40 does make old circle track slicks with high durometer readings over 60 durometer very sticky !!!

    what you need :

    1 gal container of WD-40

    (1) paint tray

    (1) paint roller with foam roller

    box of saran wrap

    (2) large black 30 gal trash can bags

    how to do prep the tires :

    with the WD-40 pour it into the paint tray and with the foam paint roller get the roller nice and wet with WD-40

    now apply the WD-40 with the roller with thick coats onto the tread surface only of the slicks

    wrap the tires tread surface with saran wrap completely covering the tread surface

    place ea tire into a black 30 gal trash bag and seal the end so no air can get into it and then place in your garage and not touch them for 2 weeks

    remove them from the garbage bags then remove the saran wrap and you'll notice a gummy tread surface that's will durometer easily well below 50 .put them on your race car for qualifying and enjoy 15 laps of your fastest lap times ever recorded

    this has been done successfully on a non winged asphalt 360 sprint car
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    I say you want to loosen road dirt and stuff they have these. New things called "car wash" they even have some. That clean undercarriage and have rust preventer try using. One it makes car look clean again I personally use seam foam on everything and I use deep creep a sea foam product on everything and wd 40 is not as good as pb blast that's what I think but I don't use oily stuff just work the bolt in and out a few times and heat it with a torch it will come out and if it snaps drill and tap it just like the old days that's my opinion on everything!!
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    Nov 21, 2010
    Boston, MA
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    i really like the paint on the t/a , id like to see the rest of the Z
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    Left handed cigarettes

    These used to make say things out order and also made me speak in tones of foriegn english, but I'll tell yuo man we were the guys to talk to about stuff
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    this thread will not die :eek:

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