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    Hey Daniel
    Can you tell which water temp sender is the best to use for factory gauges?
    The ones that have the 1/2" threads(Factory) won't fit with a lot of new aluminum heads such as my AFR'.s.After doing some searching I found these to be close,but still don't work unless factory gauge is bad.How can you test the factory water temp gauge.Threads needs to be 3/8"
    GM #25037346 (ACDelco #213-80) from my dealer.
    It's a single pin 3/8 thread sensor that has almost the same resistance as our old sensors.
    There is a whole list of models it fits originally from the 80's to early 90's. So whether you want a GM one or aftermarket, you can ask for a sensor for an 86 IROC 305 TPI, 90-92 Astro, A 91 ZR1 Corvette.
    TSU-64 is no longer, at least by that part number because Autozone's TU66 cross references to both GP Sorenson TSU64 and AC Delco 213-80
    TS26471 made by Niehoff
    GM #25037346 (ACDelco #213-80)
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    Jan 21, 2013
    Echlin by NAPA usually pretty good.
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    Sep 9, 2014
    I had same problem, I got a BWD wt359 sensor (works w 79-81 w gauge) at advance auto parts, and got a thermostat housing with a threaded hold port and screwed it into that. If your car is 78 or below you need a different sender...btw the sender I listed is 3/8 thread..I got the water outlet at napa...

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