Vortec Cylinder Heads: The Definitive Guide

Discussion in 'Engine Topic' started by MikeM79, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. 85cutlass

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    Feb 26, 2015
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    First of all I want to thank Dirt Reynolds for the info!! Made my mind up on vortecs!
    I picked up a short block from a fella, 80-85 350, 2 bolt mains with an unknown cam, flat tops .030 over, .020 on the mains and .010 on the rods as a trial run before I put all my good parts together on a nice 4 bolt main block. Got some old vortec heads for cheap (906s but who cares) did springs and ghetto grind, replaced bottom end bearings, de-glazed cylinders, .041 head gaskets should put me at 9-9.2:1 or so.
    Gonna put a 2400 stall behind it with a TH350 and 2.73:1 gears out back. Not sure what to expect with an unknown cam but what's life without risks??
    Anyway, thanks again to everyone that contributed to the thread!
    EDIT: Found a great deal on a new Comp Cams 12-242-2 cam!! Cant wait to fire this thing!!
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  2. number9

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    Dec 12, 2012
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    I've finally got my 062 Vortecs installed on the 383 in my '69 El Camino.

    I'm using an HEI distributor (with vacuum advance) out of a mid-70s Camaro and R44LTS plugs. Does anyone have ballpark timing degree & spark plug gap settings that they can share?

    I'm running about 9.9:1 static compression (yay!), 2.73:1 open rear-end (boo!) and a TH350 (meh).
  3. biker

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    I'm doing a set shortly, 062 off a 99 Tahoe.

    I'm going to do the mods for the guides, seals and spring seats using the Comp cams tools.

    Anybody have experience with these?
  4. az1972 camaro

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    May 28, 2012
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    I have no Vortec knowledge so thank you Mr. Dirt Dave Reynolds for sharing experience, In turn I may use the Vortec info to help me with my engine build I rely on knowledge from these posts to help me make an educated informative choice on how to spend my hard earned dust thanks. az1972 camaro
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    Sep 20, 2010
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    How much taller will my engine be with vortec heads?

    I just read through the first 27 pages of this thread - there is a lot of great info here!

    I apologize if someone has already answered this question.

    I am considering buying a new 350 vortec motor rated at 330 hp, but am concerned about the height increase over a pre-vortec motor.

    In this application, I have only about 1/2" hood clearance on the 350 motor installed now.

    The stock vortec intake is cast iron, and looks like a high rise dual plane. What is the lowest profile intake available?

    From what I've read, it has been suggested that the Weiand 8121 Street Warrior is the lowest profile aluminum intake available. Is the stock manifold shorter?

    Thanks in advance, Roy
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  6. 48Aero

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    Jul 16, 2015
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    I don't believe the Heads will make any true difference in the manifold height, that said the Air Gap, crosswinds etc... all sit a little higher than standard dual plane manifolds. If you steer away from them you should end up very close to a stock non Vortec head and manifold height. a trip to the local speed shop would likely net you real world measurements....
  7. 70Chev

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    Oct 21, 2012
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    I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered. I've read through the entire thread and my head is spinning and my eyes are a bit crossed with all of the info.

    The GM Hotcam that the guys are referring to here, is that the LT4 Hotcam which is advertised by the likes of JEGS like here


    Just getting my head together to upgrade the cam in my Vortec and need to get a plan of attack together to source parts, work out whether it's worth considering porting the exhaust ports etc. Any and all advice would be appreciated. It is a low mile crate motor currently in a 70 Camaro with shorty headers, 2400 stall converter (thinking about going to a 3000) 3.73 posi rears that is used for nice Sunday afternoon ice cream runs with the kids, and a trip to the strip maybe 4 times a year.

  8. grzewnicki

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    Yup that is the GM LT4 Hot Cam. I got the kit from Coggin Dickey Chevrolet.
  9. 70Chev

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    Oct 21, 2012
    Brisbane, Australia
    Gasket Kits etc.

    Hi again guys,

    Sorry for what might be a silly question, but I read somewhere that the Vortec intake manifold gaskets are re-usable. Is that correct. I'm in Australia and just about to order everything I need to do a cam swap and want to make sure I get all of the right parts in one go.

    I am going to order the JEGS LT1/LT4 Hot cam kit, and just want to make sure I order the correct gasket kit/s for that job. So i think I'll need:

    1. Intake manifold gasket kit;
    2. Timing cover gasket kit;
    3. Head gaskets;
    4. Valve cover gaskets;
    5. Sump gaskets??.

    The motor is relatively fresh, perhaps 2,000 miles, so will I have to change head gaskets? I'm removing the heads to get the valve seats/guides machined.

    Thanks in advance for your responses and good advice.

  10. FatnLow

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    Mar 12, 2003
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    Just my .02 always use new head gaskets. Far too much work to skimp on this item.

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