Vincent's 72. "EL Maro"

Discussion in 'Project Progress' started by broahnazki, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. broahnazki

    broahnazki Veteran Member

    Jan 19, 2014
    los angeles
    This weekend I started on the windows. Finally, also started on a few trim pieces . After months of parts piling up I had so many things to put on. I did the weather stripping on the car. It wasn’t so bad. I thought it would have been worse. 7742681E-732A-4C20-92B7-A693BDF13649.jpeg



    Here’s the final result. Man has this car gotten a lot of love these past few weeks, also after a bit of cutting to the hood the alternator clears, however I will still get a bracket to lower it to be safe. I’m really loving the hood this was the first time I shut the hood on the car since I’ve started the project.

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  2. dutch73camaro

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    Jan 7, 2016
    Beverwijk, Netherlands
    looking really sharp !
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  3. broahnazki

    broahnazki Veteran Member

    Jan 19, 2014
    los angeles
    Took advantage of my day off and man do I feel good! I finally installed my my fuel tank (haven’t ran the lines yet) and took advantage of this Washington weather. Looks like the sun won’t shine much longer so I gave at it. Warning: my welds aren’t the best.


    If you go back in my thread you’ll notice I’ve had a Tanks Inc fuel system for a while and I never really got around to it, simply because I was so focused on getting the body done it was left on the backburner,

    Measure, cut, measure, cut and measure and oh yea MORE CUTTING! Yea this is a pretty easy install but it gets irritating after a while, I kept trimming hoping I wouldn’t crew this up. And we’ll... we’ll see how this turns out when I turn the key on this thing. I think it Came out good

    I know It doesn’t seem flushed flat but I promise it was. I was annoying my neighbors with my hammer and dolly

    Going back to when I made a trip to NPD. I picked up the rally/z28 wheel paint. What do you guys think? Is it accurate? Ah who cares it’s not like I’m keeping it stock. I just got a deal on these I couldn’t resist at the time but if anyone cares this is what the color looks like from the NPD can.

    So I didn’t know that this would get complicated....I tried installing the badges, do I really need to unbolt the fenders?? My quick fix was to just slap some barrel clips on the emblems and pop them in. I really do not want to unbolt anything considering I’m doing this without anyone's help it could get “fun” really quick. . .

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