vacuum advance hits intake?

Discussion in 'Engine Topic' started by 74marolt, Aug 31, 2011.

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    Remember... Those are helical gears and the rotor will turn as it contacts the cam as it slides down into place. (45*)

    Get the engine @ TDC (compression) and position the rotor 45* from where you want it to sit when the distributor is fully seated.
    Slide it down and it will almost always hit the top of the oil pump drive before it seats. This will leave about a 3/8" gap to the intake. (Don't forget the gasket.)

    The distributor is now in approximately the correct orientation but it isn't meshed with the oil pump slot.
    Bump the starter with the key. (Or remote start switch) Don't let it spin over... just make it move.

    It may take several bumps as you're only moving the distributor a little bit with each bump.
    The crankshaft will spin the cam which will rotate the distributor shaft but it won't spin the oil pump until it lines up and gravity drops the distributor into place.

    If you put the cap on it, you can't see the rotor but you can have a buddy put his hand on it to help it drop down.
    His hand keeps the gears meshed too so it can't hop up and jump a tooth while it's being bumped.

    I've done it this way a few times. It doesn't feel like the right way to do it but it works very well and keeps you from climbing on top of the engine to line up the oil pump.
    (A hacksaw blade works well for this. It even has a hole in the end to tie a safety wire so you can't drop it.
    A wire looped through both holes will catch the broken end if you would somehow break it.)
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    ^^ This is the way I do it. ^^
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    I would also do it right the first time.

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