UPDATED Camaro 1971 & 2 Z/28 Original Dealer Paperwork

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    I have original dealer invoices for 124 1971 Camaros, consisting of 27 Rally Sports, 9 Super Sports, 5 Z28's and numerous others. I'd like to sell these to owners of the cars if possible. If your car is on the list and you'd like the original invoice to increase the value of your car, let me know. Good Luck

    123871N514639 N514639 71N514639
    123871N515112 N515112 71N515112
    123871N526203 N526203 71N526203
    123871N529668 N529668 71N529668
    123871N536846 N536846 71N536846
    123871N571734 N571734 71N571734
    123871N571926 N571926 71N571926
    123871N572102 N572102 71N572102
    123871N572128 N572128 71N572128
    123871N573334 N573334 71N573334
    123871N573417 N573417 71N573417
    123871N589069 N589069 71N589069
    123871N590275 N590275 71N590275
    124871L505609 L505609 71L505609
    124871L505946 L505946 71L505946
    124871L506134 L506134 71L506134
    124871L506320 L506320 71L506320
    124871L506647 L506647 71L506647
    124871L506679 L506679 71L506679
    124871L506809 L506809 71L506809
    124871L506816 L506816 71L506816
    124871L507070 L507070 71L507070
    124871L507118 L507118 71L507118
    124871L507169 L507169 71L507169
    124871L507510 L507510 71L507510
    124871L507596 L507596 71L507596
    124871L507999 L507999 71L507999
    124871L508660 L508660 71L508660
    124871N500104 N500104 71N500104
    124871N500586 N500586 71N500586
    124871N502089 N502089 71N502089
    124871N502165 N502165 71N502165
    124871N504602 N504602 71N504602
    124871N504698 N504698 71N504698
    124871N505460 N505460 71N505460
    124871N505970 N505970 71N505970
    124871N507079 N507079 71N507079
    124871N507463 N507463 71N507463
    124871N508245 N508245 71N508245
    124871N508525 N508525 71N508525
    124871N509645 N509645 71N509645
    124871N510968 N510968 71N510968
    124871N512377 N512377 71N512377
    124871N513673 N513673 71N513673
    124871N513767 N513767 71N513767
    124871N513776 N513776 71N513776
    124871N514088 N514088 71N514088
    124871N514096 N514096 71N514096
    124871N514390 N514390 71N514390
    124871N515498 N515498 71N515498
    124871N515991 N515991 71N515991
    124871N516751 N516751 71N516751
    124871N517428 N517428 71N517428
    124871N518192 N518192 71N518192
    124871N519389 N519389 71N519389
    124871N523384 N523384 71N523384
    124871N523847 N523847 71N523847
    124871N523991 N523991 71N523991
    124871N524076 N524076 71N524076
    124871N524678 N524678 71N524678
    124871N524806 N524806 71N524806
    124871N525256 N525256 71N525256
    124871N525303 N525303 71N525303
    124871N525351 N525351 71N525351
    124871N525426 N525426 71N525426
    124871N525614 N525614 71N525614
    124871N526663 N526663 71N526663
    124871N527718 N527718 71N527718
    124871N527720 N527720 71N527720
    124871N528343 N528343 71N528343
    124871N534130 N534130 71N534130
    124871N535003 N535003 71N535003
    124871N536903 N536903 71N536903
    124871N537716 N537716 71N537716
    124871N538672 N538672 71N538672
    124871N539166 N539166 71N539166
    124871N543062 N543062 71N543062
    124871N549281 N549281 71N549281
    124871N550453 N550453 71N550453
    124871N552562 N552562 71N552562
    124871N553072 N553072 71N553072
    124871N554675 N554675 71N554675
    124871N555364 N555364 71N555364
    124871N557255 N557255 71N557255
    124871N561171 N561171 71N561171
    124871N563319 N563319 71N563319
    124871N564021 N564021 71N564021
    124871N564033 N564033 71N564033
    124871N564847 N564847 71N564847
    124871N565231 N565231 71N565231
    124871N565410 N565410 71N565410
    124871N565658 N565658 71N565658
    124871N568831 N568831 71N568831
    124871N569359 N569359 71N569359
    124871N569746 N569746 71N569746
    124871N570020 N570020 71N570020
    124871N570232 N570232 71N570232
    124871N570610 N570610 71N570610
    124871N571393 N571393 71N571393
    124871N572237 N572237 71N572237
    124871N572513 N572513 71N572513
    124871N573325 N573325 71N573325
    124871N576745 N576745 71N576745
    124871N579638 N579638 71N579638
    124871N579667 N579667 71N579667
    124871N579848 N579848 71N579848
    124871N580199 N580199 71N580199
    124871N580278 N580278 71N580278
    124871N580339 N580339 71N580339
    124871N580611 N580611 71N580611
    124871N580809 N580809 71N580809
    124871N581064 N581064 71N581064
    124871N581387 N581387 71N581387
    124871N581667 N581667 71N581667
    124871N581813 N581813 71N581813
    124871N583394 N583394 71N583394
    124871N583841 N583841 71N583841
    124871N590212 N590212 71N590212
    124871N590226 N590226 71N590226
    124871N590444 N590444 71N590444
    124871N590987 N590987 71N590987
    124871N592843 N592843 71N592843
    1S87T4N095801 N095801 4N095801
    1S87T4N137066 N137066 4N137066
  2. dkcamaro

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    1971 UPDATED paper work

    I guess a few of you 1971 owners missed it GOOD LUCK!!!
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    HAKUTSURU Member

    Dec 28, 2007
    my VIN is not on the list, too bad for me
  4. dkcamaro

    dkcamaro Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Let's see who else we can find
  5. fvdillon

    fvdillon Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Jul 16, 2000
  6. dkcamaro

    dkcamaro Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Sorry no 72's I even own one. 1972 rally sport my toy orange black stripes z/28 clone
  7. fvdillon

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    Jul 16, 2000
  8. Green hornet

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    Oct 11, 2015
    North Bay, CA
    What are the odds you have any info on 1970's?
  9. 1972_Z-28

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    Oct 6, 2005
    Sugar Land, Texas
    I would be nice to find one for my 72 Z-28
  10. Dave Nelson

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    Dec 19, 2003
    Vineland N.J USA

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