UMI Performance Cruise In & Autocross- August 11th-12th, Philipsburg- PA

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    UMI's 6th Annual Cruise In Car Show has some great changes for 2017. It is now the UMI Cruise In and Autocross. It still features our fun Saturday evening Cruise in but now has two days of autocross.

    Where: Philipsburg, Pa

    When: Friday and Saturday August 11th and 12th.

    This years event will feature two days of autocross along with a Friday evening open house at the UMI plant, Saturday evening annual Cruise in car show and a cruise through downtown Philipsburg. The autocross will be put on and hosted by the famous Bill Howell and American Street Car Promotions. So expect a lot of runs!

    Registration for the 2017 autocross is now open! See the link below for details.

    Also if you are just attending the Saturday evening Cruise In Car Show there is no need to register. Just show up like always.

    Link has details and a schedule-

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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    I thought I'd take a few minutes to talk about this event and UMI in general.

    We get there Thursday afternoon, there are muscle cars all over the hotel lot. We sign in and start shooting the breeze with some of the other participants, and like 50 of us end up at a local restaurant. Good start.

    Friday a bunch of us motor from the hotel to the airport where the autocross is. Half an hour of moutain roads. Racing all day and burgers and dogs to boot. And the rain held out. Afterwards we went to UMI for a BBQ and shop tour. Back to the hotel for some more, um, socializing. :)

    Saturday back to racing and UMI fed us yet again. But our luck with rain ended as the sky opened up during lunch. Racing is over. After the rain broke it ended up really nice out, and we all headed down to the annual UMI cruise night. So many great cars there. Then a bunch of us went out for dinner and fun afterwards. Great way to end a great weekend.

    UMI did a bang up job. Everything ran smooth, they brought in the Autocross Guys to run the racing and they did a great job too. I'm a noob to a lot of this, but the grizzled vets all seemed to share the same opinion.

    Going to UMI on Friday night was eye opening. They make all of their suspension parts right there in PA. It was neat to see the parts jigs, welding stations, powdercoating stations and other machinery. They employ something like 38 people, and it was evident from talking to many of them that they take their jobs seriously and take pride in their work. I also got a good look at the new second gen products they make, as well as some discussion on potential upcoming parts. If you want quality USA made parts definitely take a look at what UMI has to offer.

    Thanks again to Ryan, Ramey and the UMI team for hosting such a great event, can't wait for next year. Hopefully i have much improved tires and i'll stop crushing Bill's cones.:)

    I didnt take a lot of pics, i'll post some as i go. Plus ones i swiped off Facebook.

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    NastyZ member 71RS/SS396 won the vintage class wth his bad ass camaro, despite missing Friday with an alternator problem and a clutch problem on Saturday. Way to go Tim!





    Technically i beat him on saturday. Since he got no runs in lol.
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    Some UMI parts
    20170811_172147.jpg 20170811_172154.jpg

    20170811_172138.jpg 20170811_172132.jpg

    Raw delrin stock to bushings, on site.

    IMG_0482.JPG IMG_0483.JPG
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    Some other second gens

    Dave drove this seven hours from Canada. Cool car, nice guy. LS1, 18x9.5 wheels all around, running 275/40/18s at all four corners (or maybe 35s)

    Mike's car. Aka Schubitzky. sweet ride
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    Plus we raised some money for a local charity. These brownies were 'expensive' but ooohhh so good. These extras made it home. Yum. They were running a bake sale during the event and many of us paid extra for stuff. Viking shocks matched whatever they made, which was great.

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    Great event guys...didn't make it to the autocross event but enjoyed the cruise-in. Lots of great cars and people there. Some outstanding Camaros at the event!
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    It was great to meet you Scott, sorry I didn't get to chat more with you but with my car issues and helping a few others that had car problems, it was pretty busy for me.
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