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    The last month has been crazy so this is the first time I've had to post this.
    I attended the UMI Autocross and Cruis-in Aug 11-12 which was a fun, well organized event, there was auto-x on Friday and part of Saturday before the car show and cruise through town.
    On Friday as I was waiting in staging lane for the auto-x and something went wacky with my car, the idle jumped up to 2,000 rpm, and I lost control of the throttle. I got out line to try and diagnose what the heck was going on, after a few hours of head scratching I realize that the alternator was not charging and every time the fans came on it would drop the voltage so low the ecu was freaking out. With the help of the UMI staff I was able to find a place that could rebuild the alternator. So I borrowed a truck and drove 20 miles to the shop, got the alternator repaired, and got it installed just in time for the sky to open up and end the racing for the day.
    Saturday was a new day, the car was running fine but I knew I was behind the eight ball since I had no runs on Friday. The first run I decided to shoot for the moon and see what happened...bad resulted in me overshooting the entry to one of the gates and about a dozen cones flying. On the next 2 runs things went much better and I managed to pull off the win for the vintage class with only 3 runs for the entire weekend! Sometimes the trying weekends are the most rewarding.

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