Tricks to remove a th350

Discussion in 'Tips 'n' Tricks Topic' started by Camaro75LT, May 6, 2006.

  1. heavy duty

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    Sep 29, 2005
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    This might help.I always PUT THE TORQUE CONVERTER ONTO THE TRANS INSTEAD OF BOLTING IT TO THE FLYWHEEL. This way you can line up the pump teeth instead of trying to do it like you would if the converter was already bolted to the flywheel. I've seen guys do it with the converter installed on the flywheel first. Cover you ears if you see someone doing it that way!
    Here is a story that might help too. I pushed the floor Jack real hard with my foot to get it out of my way when I was finished and the long handle hit the cross member, came down hard and knocked my front tooth out. Ouch
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    BLOWN_70_CAMARO New Member

    Jan 25, 2006
    You never bolt up the stall converter to the flywheel first. You have to make sure the converter is in all the way if not you will have some serious front pump damage.
  3. raddroxx

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    Jan 21, 2004
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    I bought one of these from Harbor Freight on sale for $59.99
  4. Camaro75LT

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    May 17, 2001
    how high up do I need the front end to slide the tranny out, will a standard set of ramps work?
  5. 10secZ28

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    Mar 26, 2006
    Here are some possible issues!

    Never bolt converter to flywheel first!!:( DO NOT DO THIS B/C it is almost impossible to line up pump drive and if it isin't lined up you WILL tear the notches off the converter as soon as the engine fires!,,If it isin't on the pump properly you can crack the bellhousing when you tighten up the bellhousing bolts,And you can severly warp the flywheel by applying all of that pressure when tightening those bolts with things not aligned and in it's proper place!!It is also a for sure thing that the front pump seal will be torn or streched,and end up leaking! Then you'll have to start all over again,but with tranny fluid all over the place.:mad:

    It is never a good idea to hang tranny off the engine with no rearward support because all that weight is gonna put SEVERE stress on the bell housing,block threads,bolts,and end up with a tranny on you're head.
    When I was first started drag racing my '79:bowtie: Z28 ,I grenaded a 4-speed saginaw. When I had to R&R the peice of crap Sag,I did it this way,and ended up snapping a clutch disc because of the weight hanging on it.Steve..
  6. Twisted_Metal

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    Feb 26, 2004
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    Now you're where I'm at...

    I don't think you can do it with only a set of ramps. :(

    My jack stands only go up 17". (About the same height as a tranny.) I might be able to slide a tranny in and out but I don't think I have the room to get anything more than a piece of cardboard under it. There would be no room for a jack unless I bench press the tranny halfway into place, under the car, then slide the jack under it. Some of the members here could do it but I'm sure I would crush my head under a tranny if I tried! :eek:

    Like the others pointed out... the converter needs to be installed in the tranny. They are heavy too!

    Without all the right tools... I'm paying someone else to deal with this headache and mess.
  7. Camarofanatic73

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    May 15, 2005
    That's the way I've always done it.
  8. night rider

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    Aug 6, 2002
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    On my third gen I put all 4 corners up on ramps, and can fit a norm. floor jack and a pc. of 1/2 plywood or osb board on top of jack under trans.

    only thing though is once trans is down I can't just pull the jack/trans out.. I have to slide trans off of lowered jack under the car, turn tailshaft so it sticks out the side, get out from under car, pull on tailshaft to move trans out and when I get to the bell housing part of trans, I have to tilt rear of trans up, angling bell down and slide it rest of the way out..

    Pretty much same thing to install.. Slide trans under car, jack to rear of trans my board angled from ground to jack saddle, slide trans up the board and onto jack.. now jack trans up

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